EPISD bonds–state mandates


8 Responses to EPISD bonds–state mandates

  1. Rebel says:

    To clarify, not all the teacher unions agreed with the District of Innovation. It is my understanding that one union refused to sign off on the final copy of the plan because of citations of law that were added by the education commissioner that would have allowed for evaluation instruments to become punitive in nature if the district chose to by way of developing their own evaluation instrument.


  2. Fallen Angel says:

    At our school the innovation is art classes of thirty students with a long term substitute, not art certified who gives coloring book pages to students–and many of these do not have chairs to sit in.


  3. EPISD Bond PACs misleading the public says:

    EPISD Bond PACs spend big on misleading advertisement spots!! El Paso Times this morning:


    Campaign is dishonest at best. They think El Paso voters are stupid.


  4. Haiduc says:

    Remember that in the 1950’s the EPISD was tops in the state.
    What happened? Short answer is MONEY !


  5. Watching from the sidelines says:

    Didn’t all the EPISD teacher organizations support both the bond and the District of Innovation initiative?


    • anonymous says:

      I am curious to know from the inside what the teacher organizations are really thinking. My understanding is that they’ve been promised raises, potentially from the “cost savings” of the closed schools.


      • Dan Wever says:

        Teachers would not have abandoned over 4000 children by closing their neighborhood schools for a promised pay raise. The Board of Trustees only hear what the Administration wants them to hear and the teachers are only getting what the Unions what them to hear. With the District of Innovation the EPISD has the Teachers unions by the balls as they can destroy them whenever they want. The Unions do not realize that the reason the District of Innovation were created was to get rid of the Unions and make every rule locally controlled. Go back and look at how the law got through the legislature and who the people were that were pushing it through. This time they will go after Vouchers and will have a little Tea party when it is passed, if it is passed.


  6. IOW, back to some of the failed policies that got that district into legal trouble to begin with. What a total load of horse puckey. But, what can you expect from a system that is run by people with little classroom experience, or real educational experience, for that matter?


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