County judge and the Times editorial board

A concerned reader sent this in:

Is there any doubt that Veronica Escobar is running the editorial board of the El Paso Times?
Hers is the uninhibited ego who tried to pull this coup d’etat at the MPO. Fortunately, our city leadership and Vince Perez had the wisdom to see that her ploy was unacceptable and disenfranchised 80% of the county’s residents … oh, and let’s not forget …  a violation of state law.
Noe and Acosta were giving the Judge and the small towns a simple message, “If you want to play with the rules, we can too.” Their response was Politics 101. As a city resident, I would be disappointed if they didn’t take this position.
The Times comes back and covers for Escobar. Have no doubt … Judge Escobar is in constant contact with Bob Moore. Positions like this one are a reflection of Moore’s unwavering allegiance to the Judge.
Gannett Co., Inc. (GCI), if you are reading this, please note … businesses threatened by emerging technologies do not survive when they are co-opted by B-caliber politicians.
Brutus, we deserve better.

3 Responses to County judge and the Times editorial board

  1. Journalism Student says:

    That editorial disgusts me. (1) It is poorly written (as in: what’s your point?) and would get an F from any Journalism professor. (2) Is there another side to the story? Of course. But the editorial fails to point that out. Another F.

    EP Times — wake up. Do your job.


    • Counterpoint says:

      Regardless whether one agrees or disagrees with the Times’s position, the point of the editorial was crystal clear: El Paso shouldn’t threaten small towns just to get it’s way.

      I don’t know where you’re attending journalism school, but editorials are the OPINION of the newspaper’s editorial board. Unlike a NEWS story or general reporting, there is no moral, ethical, or journalistic obligation to present the opposing point of view in an editorial. That’s why newspaper’s like the Times publish letters to the editor and op-ed pieces written by guest columnists.

      But contrary to what you stated, the Times did present the other side of the story, including quotes from two council members justifying council’s actions.

      So, you get an A for criticism, but an F for reading and comprehension.


  2. tBusch says:

    The El Paso Times is not a real newspaper. It hasn’t been one for years now. Bob Moore took a bad situation and made it much worse. It’s ok. I’m sure he needed the money.


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