Who do they represent?

The recent attempt to hijack our local Metropolitan Planning Organization was led by local politicians that deserve some publicity.

State representative Joe Moody started the assault with his report from an “ad hoc” committee that was recommending that the Transportation Policy Board be reconstituted in order to strip the city of it’s dominance on the board.

The fact that the city represents over 80% of the population that the organization works for was evidently not of importance to the “ad hoc” committee.

State senator Jose Rodriquez climbed on board and spoke of the unfairness of majority rule.

County judge Veronica Escobar agreed that giving control to the minority was the right thing to do.

If they had succeeded the New Mexico members would hold one third of the voting seats.

Representing El Paso

State representative Joe Pickett spoke strongly against the effort.

Mayor Oscar Lesser agreed and spoke negatively about the cabal and the way it was sprung on the city.

The remainder of the city representatives on the board supported keeping the make up of the board as it was.

County commissioner Vincent Perez was the surprise in the group and expressed his opinion that the coup attempt was not legal.  He went further to suggest that the board’s attorney should be fired.

We deserve better


One Response to Who do they represent?

  1. D2V says:

    Pretty funny that Senator Jose acted against majority rule when he’s still pushing for Hillary. I disagree with just about everything both Escobar and Rodriquez advocate. Two peas in a pod….


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