City representative helps the public

Our thanks to city representative Jim Tolbert who evidently read our recent posts about the broken link on the Sun Metro web site.

He sent an inquiry to a city official and now both the original link and another one work.

Another city employee reached out to confirm that the link was working.

The result is that we now have access to the mass transit board agendas.

This was better



6 Responses to City representative helps the public

  1. Good Question says:

    Speaking of city council members, when rep spends money with Facebook or Twitter to promote her social media posts, who pays for that? Taxpayers or the council member?


  2. Y Que! says:

    And now for something completely different… Looks like there will be no battle of the bands this year at the Sun Bowl Fan Fiesta.


  3. Deputy Dawg says:

    Funny how the ankle biters here have nothing to say when something good happens. Thanks Rep Tolbert. Good job.


    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting thing about politics … people who resort to name calling typically have a pretty shallow or compromised understanding of the issues.


    • abandon hope says:

      I can appreciate that Rep Tolbert told his assistant to take care of this. I do not appreciate that he voted to raise my taxes after saying he would not. I do not appreciate that he made no effort to involve this historic community in the arena decision after saying he was a supporter of historic preservation.


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