Unfortunate situation

It appears that conflict is brewing at the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.

The foundation’s spending strategy has traditionally been  focused toward spending money that promotes programs that just need a start.  After the money injection the health benefits were expected to continue without additional funding from the foundation.

Now we are hearing that some want the foundation to spend money on programs that require continuing spending to support ongoing operating expenses.

The difference is like that of teaching someone how to fish instead of giving them a fish.

We deserve better




3 Responses to Unfortunate situation

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have never felt that this Foundation was doing all that much good with their money. If you have ever visited their grandiose offices, it appears that most of the money is spent there — and on over-paying a large staff of people who could loosely be called bureaucrats.


  2. Good Question says:

    Could it be that some board members have friends or relatives who need money?


  3. How could such a conflict ever arise. As I understand it, when a foundation such as this one is established, there are certain rules written in stone that set out its mission, its methods, its attitudes, and everything to do with how it is to be run in perpetuity. So, how could anyone dare to question how it is working this many years down the road? I’d say that anyone who is on the current board who does not want to follow the original mandate, should be removed from the board.


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