High charges

The electric company is seeking permission to charge us more for the natural gas they use,  supposedly because of rising prices.

In 2015 they decreased our bills because of falling natural gas prices.

Not enough

Take a look at this historical chart of natural gas prices:


It shows prices falling at the end of 2014.  Their rate was lowered in April 2015.

Note that natural gas prices fell for another year into 2016.

Rates were not lowered further.

Now prices have risen to a little more than they were back in April of 2015 but not to where they were in 2014 but the utility still wants to get their rate money back.  Prices would have to raise a bunch more before they are at the level before the April 2015 decrease.

We deserve better


8 Responses to High charges

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    That’s what happens with monopolies. In Austin, you can choose between four or five different electric companies for your service. Time to end the EPEC grip on El Paso.


  2. Deputy Dawg, it’s a nice thought, but impossible. The reality is that EPEC is a successful monopoly simply because it serves a market that is just not big enough to make serious competition worthwhile. Our only hope around here is to get the state legislature and/or the federal government to offer more incentives to home owners to find alternative ways to generate our own electricity. Of course, that would be fought tooth and nail by the local monopoly, which does have deep enough pockets to lobby against us. So, unless we can come up with a way to live totally off their precious grid, we are pretty much screwed.


  3. The utilities in El Taxo are like everything else here. A rip off of the “Stupid , ignorant peons”. Being scammed, abused by them is the price we have to pay for the “Privelege” of living here. We get the lowest grade of gasoline, but the prices are jacked up higher than the higher grades, when you get outside of El Paso. The “Rain-falling-off-the-roof-tax”?? How many years have they been collecting that as an EXTRA on the Water, trash, sewer bill?? And yet every time we get a big rain storm, the very same areas are flooded, loss of life, loss off property. What have they done, where does all the money go? And of course the local El Taxo politicians are no help to US. THEY represent the utilities or whoever stuffs money in their pockets.


    • Anonymous says:

      I am used to paying my utility bills on the Internet. It is convenient, doesn’t cost anything, usually, and gives me a monthly memory test on passwords to help me know my mind has not wandered off into the hinterlands.
      I say usually because the TEXAS GAS COMPANY is the exception. It will cost you a stamp and envelope to mail your payment but if you want to pay online or on the phone you have to pony up $1.50 fee for this convenience.
      Everyone in business tells me that it is much more expensive to have people open mail and post payments rather than having the ability to accept online payments.
      Besides wondering why our elected officials would not require the Utilities to accept online payments when they negotiate contracts, I wonder if somebody in the Gas Company might be getting a kickback because this makes no sense.
      I know, I have looked at the EPISD for far too long.


      • Dan Wever says:

        The above is from me and yes I realize that if an automatic payment is selected then it cost nothing, until they take out too much. 🙂


  4. U says:

    The number of natural gas rigs increased by 119 during the week of Nov 25- Dec 2. Also given that the price of oil has risen to over $52 and with OPEC and other countries setting production limits the US drillers will be bring rigs back online and doing more exploration along with drilling new wells with a natural effect of increasing natural gas stocks thus pushing gas prices lower. Basically there is zero reason to increase prices.

    If the electric company continues to call for increased prices then it’s time for people to demand that EPE company’s monopoly come to an end and bring competition to the El Paso electricity market.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I concur with Deputy Dawg. Monopolies are dangerous.

    If nothing else, incentives for going solar should be a priority. This allows homeowners to choose between the Electric Company monopoloy or providing their own energy. Interestingly, the Electric Company has tried several strategies to prevent individual solar installations.


  6. Rick says:

    But aren’t we like Austin? The County Judges think so. They base their salary on much more profitable metropolitan areas…

    EPE will delay the installation of your Solar. I wonder how they played with the numbers on their “Community Solar” plan as they have NO intention of lowering anyone’s cost. They will not be able to separate the Solar from the Gas produced electricity and someone has to pay for the Solar panels…. (False advertising maybe?)


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