Evict, don’t negotiate

Our thanks to elchuqueno.com for pointing out what one of our city representatives said at a recent city council meeting.

From their blog post:

Niland lashed out at the Railroad during the City Council meeting.

“But you ask yourself why in the world would they be telling the media not the truth? I can’t imagine. Is it because they want to force us back over here to have a conversation with them? So we will be forced to negotiate with them and shut down closures in our own districts that we all know none of our neighborhoods wants to happen? Did that maybe dawn on anyone? Because that it what’s happening,” Niland said.

Different story

Where was this city representative when the city agreed to close eight railroad crossings as part of the deal when the city needed a sliver of land for the ball park?

Train wreck was an April 2013 post about the deal between the city and the railroad.

How can we avoid concluding that this city representative thought it was ok to close eight popular railroad crossings and tear down city hall when she wanted land for the ball park but that closing more crossings does not make sense when she can have citizens evicted from their homes instead?

We deserve better



6 Responses to Evict, don’t negotiate

  1. Rick says:

    You can’t use Cohen Stadium. Why? Because it makes sense and saves money. This is NOT what the El Paso politicians want. They need to spend to show that they can run a bigger budget. We can always get more $7 – $8 phone jobs….


  2. Judy Maddox says:

    All I can say is for an attorney She seems to forget you can beat the Feds easier than the Railroad.

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  3. abandon hope says:

    For the record, the crossing closures at Elm, Cedar, Birch, Maple and Magnolia in Five Points were welcomed by the neighborhood. Maybe the others weren’t.

    In considering an arena location, the City could still have gone to Union Pacific and asked about their land instead of just assuming UP would ask for more crossing closures. Negotiating with UP takes time and the City is saying they want to get low financing rates that are available now. I appreciate the City wanting to be fiscally prudent.

    So why not be really prudent and go with Cohen Stadium? Use the bond money to make it a first class stadium that is accessible from all parts of the city.The City already owns it and there’s plenty of parking.


    • Anonymous says:

      Cohen stadium is a bad idea. The arena needs to be downtown, near the Convention Center — if they really need it at all. People will go downtown to an event. They aren’t as interested if it is in northeast or west, etc.


      • Yogi says:

        The Diablos packed Cohen when it was a legitimate AA team and a lot of those fans drove from the west side, so it is inaccurate to say that people will not drive to that area for an event. Attendance declined after Jim Paul sold the team and the team left the Texas League.


  4. Annonymous says:

    Some days she takes her meds, some days she doesn’t.


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