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The Wizard sent this in:


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  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Actually, that student must attend one of five middle school campuses in EPISD that have received a grant from Verizon Innovative Schools Foundation and Digital Promise, a national organization that is dedicated to helping students in low income areas bridge the digital divide between those families that can afford internet at home and those that cannot.

    This parent apparently did not attend, or if they did, did not pay any attention to, any of the MANY meetings held at that campus to explain the program, did not read the Responsible Use Policy (although they had to have signed it in order for their child to get the device) did not participate in the large scale rollout at that campus, nor attended any of the parent orientations on how to use the device at home with their child (streaming videos is something the parents EPISD asked to have their children avoid, unless they were for education purposes.)

    EPISD paid exactly $0 for the over 3000 iPads with Verizon connectivity, which allows students to work from home. (There is a cap of 5 GB per month on the data plan BTW.) For many of the students in the grant, this is the first device they have had at their homes with internet connectivity that is large enough to do homework on. The grant also includes training for teachers as well.

    You can read about the grant here: https://www.episd.org/powerup/tech/digital_promise_vils.php

    You can read about Digital Promise Here: http://digitalpromise.org

    You can read about the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Here: http://www.verizon.com/about/responsibility/verizon-innovative-learning

    I suggest that “The Wizard” check in with his child’s teachers and principal once in a while to see what exactly is happening at their school. The Wizard might be surprised at the good things happening there. I also suggest that the Wizard take a little more interest in what his child is doing with the iPad, and ask him to turn it off once in a while and look out the window and enjoy nature’s high definition streaming video right before his eyes.


  2. Since it is a grant, I guess it is OK, but it bothers me to learn that it is not available to all students at all campuses. And, of course, how many of those who get this grant will use it as intended (I don’t think that this kid did), and what will they do after the two year period is up?


  3. Tim Holt says:

    I will gladly answer any questions or concerns that this parent might have regarding the iPad programs in EPISD. It sounds like this student is part of the Verizon Grant and attends either Bassett, Charles, Armendariz, Henderson or Morehead. I can be reached at tbholt@episd.org or at 915-230-2640.
    Tim Holt


    • Tim Holt says:

      Here is a video EPISD made about the Verizon Grant iPad rollout at Morehead. This was replicated at every school in the Verizon Grant. Great parent turn out, great community event,

      The five campuses did an excellent job getting the parents and community out in force to these events.

      Tim Holt


  4. EPISD Parent says:

    Dear Wizard: ask your child to download a good parenting video on his Verizon-funded EPISD tablet. It sounds like you could use a lesson in responsible parental supervision instead of focusing your energy on creating faux political intrigue.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Let’s not assume that all the communications issues here are the fault of the parent. All school districts, including EPISD, could use some improvement in their communications.


  6. Canutillo Parent says:

    I am less interested in the grant that I am the use of the iPad. This story only points out that kids will use their iPads 5% for school and 95% for entertainment, not all of it good, and certainly not a healthy way to spend time. I’m not convinced that unlimited streaming from Verizon or the iPad are a great idea.


  7. Joe Doe says:

    Brutus, you really need to pay more attention to what your kid is doing. This is one of those situations where parents are asking the school district “why are you doing such good things for my child?” Instead of being thankful that your child is one of the fortunate 4000 students who received a device, you are trying to slam the district. Get informed instead of making a fool of yourself.


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