The more we pay the less the state pays

This came in from Tim Holt:

5 Responses to The more we pay the less the state pays

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    I have said all along, if you don’t like your high property taxes for school districts, put the blame where it is due: Austin.


    • Shocked says:

      Seriously, I think the blame lands on the school districts. It is easy to say “Austin” or “D.C.” but locals have some control and therefore, some blame. There was no need for this last huge bond issue by EPISD. I’m still in shock that it won. Blame all those who voted yes.


  2. Anonymous says:

    For those who have not been reading this blog long, Tim Holt and Deputy Dawg are the same person. Tim submits post and then cheerleads later, through the pseudonym.


  3. In El Taxo it seems that the inflated, fabricated Property “Values” is just another scam run on us “Stupid, ignorant peons”, by the politicians on City Council and the Commissioners. Apparently the ONLY thing that increases OUR Property Values, determines the “value” of our properties, is the politicians picking up the phone and telling Central Appraisal to RAISE Property “Values” so that they can INCREASE taxes. Have been in the very same home for 25 years, my “Value” has never DECREASED, except for established Veteran disability. Property “Values” never decrease for homeowners, only for MULTI-MILLIONAIRE businesses.


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