TEA high school grades (A-F)

The recently published Texas Education Association A-F ratings show this for our local high schools:


We deserve better


17 Responses to TEA high school grades (A-F)

  1. Tim Holt says:

    Not that this will change any minds on this blog, however, here is a well written article from a Texas superintendent explaining the major flaws with the A-F grading system for Texas Schools:


    In order to have decent discussions, one needs to know as much about both sides of an argument. I hope we can at least agree on that. In that spirit, I post this link.


  2. The Wizard says:

    Part of my problem with El Paso schools is the gap between the GT/AP program and the regular classes. My youngest attempted GT/AP math in 8th grade, but he was not ready for it (neither was I at his age). So, we placed him regular 8th grade math in EPISD. WOW – he went from lots of homework that required parental assistance to ….. nothing. His grade shot up from a D to A+ almost overnight. AP is too difficult for him now but the regular class is not preparing him. Can I please get a math class for the kids in the ‘middle’?


  3. The Oracle says:

    There may be also a “Communication Problem.”
    Just talked with some students and they say: “That Spanish only?/ speaking students/ or HARDLY speaking English students are holding them back.”
    Most stores only sell the Spanish language newspapers.
    I guess that means that there are a LOT of households that do not speak English very well.

    Speaking only Spanish at home. . . could SURELY hold you back.
    Its hard enough to be COMPLETELY fluent in English, and especially when trying to learn and understand things in school.


  4. Reality Checker says:

    Just one more reason why companies do not want to locate here. It’s not just the students that are failing. Many of teachers and the administrators are also failing.


  5. desertratjim says:

    This is downright pathetic for our local schools. At least there were a few schools that we can be proud of, but the overall score card is embarrassing. Parents still have a hand in their child’s education process, and no matter how good a teacher might be, the child needs a parent at home who demands that their child does their homework every night. I feel the problem is two-fold: 1) mediocre educators, and, 2) parents that don’t push their children to excel in school. My guess is that the higher rated schools have students whose parents care about their kid’s education.


  6. How can the Superintendent of EPSID possibly imagine staying in his position, with the low scores from the TEA Accountability system? EPISD’s Super, evidently “based on fact and not opinion”, has no knowledge of how to effectively run the district. Look at all the employee’s of EPISD looking for jobs in other districts. Its not an El Paso thing, its a leadership problem at the top of EPISD. Look at Ysleta’s test scores, which are far better than any other district. I am a parent of a child in EPISD, and i am concerned, although my child does well. Parents of EPISD children need to stand up for change, in EPISD, starting at the top.

    What about a consolidated school district, El Paso County School District. They do that in my childhood state, why not here? Think of the money that would save… too many (inexperienced) chiefs, not enough indians. One standard, not 8. With the exception of Ysletta, those test scores were sad, and EPISD was the sad anchor, dragging it down further


    • Benevelous says:

      He can imagine his glorious paycheck and all his super cool “I’m in the liberal cool kid club and on board with every single wild social and technological experimental program whether is helps kids or not” awards!

      As long as the gravy train is on the tracks [and the FBI keeps their head in the sand], we can expect a WHOLE lot more of this in the immediate future…

      That is, massive expenditures, bright shiny new buildings and electronics, a crap load of new programs and initiatives [and a bunch of even newer ones once they get more than a month or so old], and ZERO, ZERO, ZERO student improvement.


  7. The Oracle says:

    IMAGINE . . . . you were still in high school . . .
    and suppose to be learning something. . . . studying something . . . writing a report. . . .but. . . . . . instead of finding one of your dad’s girly magazine. . . you discover you can look at 1 billion photos and videos of free porn on the internet, no matter what blocks your parents put on your and their computers.
    You, just coming of age. . . . and being able to SEE and HEAR millions of porn videos on the internet.
    Really . . . HOW could you focus on “school work”, “book reports” and really LEARN anything . . . with the ability, in ONE SECOND to SEE and HEAR porn, to COMPLETELY distract you for hours on end.
    How, how, how could you focus on school ?
    You would not have book reports ready.
    If you do . . you would be rushed thru them.

    Used to be. . . . you could be distracted by meeting your high school friends at Dairy Queen or staying out late with an older brother. But, NOW . . . a new added distraction of the internet.
    Facebook . . and . . all the free porn you want to see.

    You may think . . OH, my child does not, do that, see that.
    REALLY, we are all human animals and the #1 thing that interests humans at age 14 to age 18 is sex.
    The next 20 years will be focused on finding a suitable sexual partner.

    Nothing to be “ashamed about” as we are all sexual animals.
    We live to find a mate and have a family and since we are not ALL immaculately conceived. . . there is sex involved.

    I hate it that youngsters and children are exposed at such an early age. YOU may think you have “Child Blockers” on your or child’s computer, but they do not work and especially if ANYONE’s older brother or older sister has a computer or at a friends house after school. YOUR child is exposed to porn.
    (Sure, they will HAVE to lie about it !) . . of course.
    Same thing.

    So, to sum up . . . there are NEW distractions ( Facebook and smart phones also ) that most of us never had while growing up. We did not get our minds exposed until we were 18 or 21.

    We were into fast cars, Dairy Queen, the Charcoaler, BBQ and other things . . . and the usually ONE magazine dad hid under his mattress or in the back corner of his closet.

    It’s a new world.
    I don’t like the way children are robbed of their innocence.


  8. Old Gringo Guy says:

    By God, just goes ta prove the taxpayers got ta cough up more money! It’s for the kids, ya know.


  9. So the bottom line is that with MILLIONS, BILLIONS$$$ of TAXPAYER money in their POCKETS, a slush fund, ” Juan, Suzie” still CANNOT read, write, do math or speak English. But these same students do have new grass on the football fields, new equipment, individual computers, laptops, TV’s and HIGH-DOLLAR “Administrators”, but still no pencils, paper, books or any abilities to learn what is being “taught”. Where does all of OUR hard earned money go?????????


  10. Benevelous says:

    Yet another set of facts that EPISD is WAY glad came out AFTER the bond election (I’d bet that these ratings were ready to report well before November though).

    “Every nation gets the government is deserves…” Joseph-Marie, comte de Maistre

    Sadly, his quote works well at the national, state, and local level…


    • Dan Wever says:

      This new accountability system is probably as close to being the most5 ridiculous attempt to evaluate our students and schools that I have ever seen.
      The only thing that could possibly be worse would be to have a legislator check with the school janitor to see how each student and the school are doing.
      I would try to explain what is wrong with it but I just cannot bring myself to read all of it.
      It could very easily pass for the new definition of a Tea Party cluster f…!


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