What’s in store in 2017?

What should we look forward to locally in 2017?

Will we see a newspaper that allows their reporters to ask the obvious questions of our local politicians and then write articles that serve the interest of the citizens instead of the newspaper?

Will we see a district attorney that handles cases based upon alleged crimes instead of who the parties are?

Will our county judge be held responsible for the messes she has presided over?

Will our city manager make time to answer phone calls from citizens?

Will our government employees realize that they work for the citizens, not the other way around?

Will EPISD handle our bond money well?

Will we end up having the second highest tax rate among the top 50 cities in the U. S. ?

We deserve better


11 Responses to What’s in store in 2017?

  1. EPISD has a new Public Information Officer!! says:

    So I have seen that recently, the only person who seems to be responding to questions, interviewing for local TV and even Radio Stations this morning, is EPISD Board Member Susie Byrd!

    Today she was on the radio explaining in typical condescending manner why bringing four and five year olds into school at 7:30 am is a good thing for everyone! She says that ‘research ‘ says that the high schoolers need much more sleep than the little guys! This is why the little guys get to go in at the crack of dawn. Could it be that the EPISD Board loves its athletics and extracurricular activities and doesn’t want to bring high schoolers in early cause then they can’t practice sports at the crack of dawn? Could it be that even though the bond was for School Buses-remember the picture of the old dilapidated bus, transportation is being used as an excuse to just mess up the lives of five year olds ‘because it’s good for them?’

    Could it be that Susie Byrd is up for re-election in May and is now the Public Information Director for EPISD just to get votes for May?

    Politics sucks!


  2. Amazed says:

    Really? You really had to ask? Really?


  3. Judy Maddox says:

    Dont hold your breath . The press uses operatives for the political popaws and as long as the majority votes for the party machine we get what we deserve. Not all of us vote the machine but we get punished . The Bond election and national elections were well orchestrated When the county judge is touted as a good choice for congress what do you expect no one is held accountable

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  4. EPISD-City of El Paso Employment Agency Strikes Again says:

    Looks like Carmen Arrieta-Can I Spend A lot and Carlos Gallinar, who can from the city, are creating their Camelot! Announced at Employment Page…

    Project Manager-Urban Planning&Real Estate Development. Level D7. $80,000 per year.

    Coordinator, Bond Outreach. Level D7 $80,000

    Coordinator, Facilities and Construction. Level D3 $60,000

    Project Manager, Facilities. Level D8. $90,000

    Director, Facilities and Construction. Level D12 $100,000

    Information Security Officer, Level 509 $70,000

    Wonder which former City of El Paso employees will get these positions?


  5. JerryK says:

    Maybe some of you could just start voting. Run for office.


    • Voting, run for Office?? What is the point of even voting IF you don’t vote for a DEMOCRAT in El Paso? What is the point of any Republican, Independent running for ANY Office in El Paso? When is the first or last time any other Party than Democrat got elected to anything in El Paso? How many YEARS have Democrats RULED El Paso? And in all those YEARS, what has gotten better for the PEOPLE?? And these same Democrats just change “chairs” year after year. For most of THEM, being a POLITICIAN is all they know. THEY have never had REAL “Jobs”, never been out of work or had to actually look for, apply, QUALIFY for an actual “Job”. As Democrats they just run for re-election and get elected or just change “chairs”. Why would anybody in El Paso ever think that things will get better here? The economy, jobs, education, industry, wages?? All they can think of is “Deals” with contractors, who or incapable of completing, honoring a contract, build arenas, baseball fields, little trolley cars, tear it down, blow it up, FORCE the taxpayers to pay for all the POLITICIANS and local or carpetbagger MILLIONAIRES-BILLIONAIRES wants. And the PEOPLE?? Life never gets any better for US.


  6. As someone who has lived here for 25 years, I would say that the answer to most all of your questions for 2017 are a definite “NO”. The answer to the last one is always “YES”. One of the poorest, undeveloped cities in Texas, the entire country, has some of the lowest wages, worst job markets in the country and highest taxes, tax rates of large cities across the country. Inherent public corruption. Selective ENFORCEMENT of the LAWS. The politicians, Public Officials, who ALL sit ABOVE the “Stupid, ignorant peons” of El Paso, are simply too “High up” to see US. All they have to do is wave a pen and increase OUR Property Values, wave another pen and increase the ALWAYS following tax INCREASES, wave a pen and make another “Deal”. Some minion at City Hall signs a paper to kick the “Peons” out of their life-time homes, to make room for what the politicians want. THESE people, whether at the City Hall, County Commissioners or School Districts have NO idea how these “Stupid, ignorant peons” live, or die, for that matter. THEY are elected to REPRESENT the people. THEY don’t . THEY REPRESENT only themselves and what THEY can take from the PEOPLE and always with one eye on their NEXT politico “Job”. THEY are POLITICIANS, PUBLIC OFFICIALS first and foremost THEY contribute NOTHING to the people of El Paso.


  7. anonymous says:

    Here is a fun one Brutus didn’t ask. Who will be elected the next mayor?


  8. abandon hope says:

    Agree with almost all. City Manager answers to the Mayor and takes direction from Council, not citizens. In the current system citizens are supposed to go through their representatives – for what that’s worth.


  9. Y Que! says:

    Now you’re being silly, Brutus.


  10. Benevelous says:

    Hmmm… Let’s see…
    No way in Hell…
    Of course! Maybe one day, we’ll be number one!


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