EPISD–board election

Four of the seats on the EPISD board are up for election in May.

Those seats represent districts 1, 3, 4, and 5.

The deadline to file is this Friday, February 17, 2017 at 5 PM.

We deserve better


7 Responses to EPISD–board election

  1. Anonymous says:

    How much does it costs to run (to get your name on ballot)


  2. $$$$ says:

    I agree that more should run for the Board. The thing is that, unless you are a Chosen One and receive big $$$$ from the Bigs of $$$$, you get squashed. Look at all the $$$$. The special interests threw at the current board to get them into office. El Paso. Where the rich pay to play and everybody else gets screwed.


  3. Benevelous says:

    Vote these people out or accept that corruption will continue to be the lesson of the day at EPISD…


  4. JerryK says:

    We get the government we deserve by our participation of lack of it.


  5. Anxious voter says:

    I look forward to voting for Brutus.


    • Dan Wever says:

      With the board president a lawyer and the superintendent a lawyer, we will probably have to float another bond issue to turn on the lights in the schools next year.


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