EPISD–ambushing a contractor?

EPISD recently filed a lawsuit against a prominent local builder.

The contractor built an elementary school for the district in 2009.

The company’s senior vice president was quoted at saying:

“To date, EPISD has not notified us directly of any issues with our work performed at Tom Lea Elementary School in 2009, aside from routine warranty work, which was completed and approved by the district,”

If the builder is correct and EPISD has not worked in good faith to resolve whatever problems there may be then EPISD is out of line.

EPISD’s board president was quoted by the Times as saying:

“It will affect the score during the procurement process,” Fenenbock said. “If there are defects, if litigation was required to resolve it and if there was a settlement and the defects were cured – all those things will be scored and taken into consideration” when awarding a contract.

Bond money

Is this EPISD’s way of taking the contractor out of contention to get contracts out of the new bond money that the district has?

The school was built in 2009.  If EPISD has problems with it why have they not put the contractor on notice that the problems must be fixed or a lawsuit will be filed?

If the contractor is telling the truth EPISD has damaged the contractor’s reputation unfairly and may itself face litigation.

We deserve better


8 Responses to EPISD–ambushing a contractor?

  1. Annonymous says:

    Brutus, when will you be renaming your blog EPISDSPEAK?


  2. Benevelous says:

    Annonymous, this blog seems to be set up to be a forum for exposing corruption, incompetence, and evil perpetrated by or in some way connected to our local government agencies.

    Although there is PLENTY of that to go around here in El Paso; currently, EPISD kind of has the stage as El Paso’s greatest corruption, incompetence, and evil diva. City Council is a really good back up singer to EPISD in this regard.

    But, EPISD takes the taco right now.

    And, Oh My!… “Annonymous” is a pseudonym… She can mis-spell it however she wants.

    The thing to actually focus on here is the ‘appearance’ that EPISD might be doing something underhanded to knock out a certain contractor from some REALLY lucrative contracts during the upcoming giddy EPISD spending spree… Does this actually surprise ANYONE as a possibility with the current Board of Trustees and administration?

    If it does, you need to catch up with the conversation going on at the grown up’s table.

    I once described what may be happening soon at EPISD as an “orgy of evil”.

    Getting the “right” players to the carpet and excluding the ones they don’t like is just one of the beginning steps in setting up the obscene funneling our tax dollars to their friends “orgy” that may be about to start. Contractors (and purveyors of every nut ball cooked up educational program and technology driven scheme) from Southern California to Ohio will be begging to be let in. Look for ANYTHING labeled “Innovative”, “Future Ready”, or “21st Century Learning” (some of the current pet buzzwords). Did you know that EPISD actually now has an Executive Director of INNOVATIVE Construction!? I guess as opposed to “regular” construction?

    So, “Annonymous”… Yes, EPISD is taking center stage right now (and have had it for a few years and will keep it for a few more). That is until the people in this district pull their heads out of a VERY unpleasant place and vote out the Board and convince the new Board to get rid of this administration…


    • Oh my! says:

      Point well taken Benevolous! I understand now.


    • Disgusted says:

      If that’s the purpose, it’s a good thing this blog is digital. There’s not enough ink and paper to print the all the details of the local corruption, evil, incompetence, and insider deals.


    • Anonymous says:

      Benevelous, your words are right on. It’s amazing how we can let crooks at EPISD get away with anything they want. Take a look at some of those ‘meetings’ the board holds online. One Trustee falls asleep, one board member’s husband is a teacher at Coronado and another doesn’t even live in the area he represents. What a mess!
      This board also just gave the bigger crook, their Superintendent, the unilateral power to select a site for the new district offices. Effectively a blank check! Maybe he’ll choose the Chase building and put his name on the top of it.


  3. Haiduc says:

    The EPISD has 3/4 Billion of Our Tax Dollars to play with…
    we need public oversight!


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