Dan Wever on the EPISD superintendent’s compensation

This came in from Dan Wever:

How much is the EPISD really paying their Superintendent?

 Three areas need to be looked at to determine what this figure might look like. The first area is EPISD expenses that reimburse the Superintendent for anything that he spends doing the district’ work. No figure is available for this expense.

 The second area is his salary. Here is a chart of his salary to date from his September 2013 arrival date.
226 Days in Contract
2013-2014 = $285,000.00 
 2014-2015 = $291,555.00
2015-2016 = $303,326.53 
 2016-2017 = $348,825.51
Note a 15% raise was given January 17th, 2017

If teachers get a raise this year the Superintendent will get same percentage increase. 
Example If Teachers get a 2% raise it will be about $1,100 while the superintendent will get about $7,000.
Before this happens, in 4 years, the Superintendent has gotten raises of $63,845 or $15,961.25 per year.

Teachers have gotten about $3,200 with a possible raise this year which the superintendent will also get as stated above.
The third area is BENEFITS
All figures are in Annual payments

 Automobile Allowance -__–$18,000
Telephone Allowance ——$14,000
Incidental Employee Incidental Benefits———-$30,000
Disability Insurance ——=–$8,488
$1,000,000 Term Insurance policy———— $2,355
Annuity Benefit————————-$20,000
Texas Teacher Retirement TRS—————-$25,300
Administrative Benefits –Same Holidays as other 12-month employees
Vacation Days 20——–$26,840
Leave Days 20——–$26,840
The total for these benefit payments is ——————$171,623 which is 49% of his base salary.
Teachers and other employees have benefits of about 12%.

But then again you still have to add the “Gifts” the trustees gave him on his new 15% increase contract.

15 extra vacation days so he could work at another job and still be paid by the EPISD. Many other districts allow their superintendents to give speeches and consult for money but most use their vacation days and most only get about 10 not 35 like ours. When he wants to go work and earn some extra money he tells the President of the board, she OK’s it and the district gives him one of the extra vacation days, pays him $1,543 for the day off and lets him go to work someplace else. Does this sound nuts? Well, it is! In his contract, it says “Except as provided in this Contract, the Superintendent agrees to devote his full time, skill, labor, and attention to the performance of these duties in a faithful, diligent and efficient manner.” This was before any changes to his contract.
15 extra days so he could work at a second job and 20 extra sick days so he would have a cushion if he gets sick. What is funny about his cushion is that the EPISD is paying him $1,543 a day for the cushion on top of paying for the disability insurance that he is putting off going on with the cushion he was given.

15 extra vacation days cost $23,145 
20 extra sick days cost $30,860

Which increases his benefit payments to $225,828 or 65% of his base pay.

Base salary and Benefits total ————$574,673

And this, of course, does not count all of the civic and professional activities he is allowed to participate in.

Of course, this total amount will not be quite as high next year because the 20 sick days “gift” (my view of these 20 Days)”gift”.

 How much would a superintendent in Houston have to be making in salary and benefits to be equal to El Paso ISD’s superintendent?

 Cost of Living Comparison:
El Paso, Texas – Houston, Texas 
A salary of $574,673 in El Paso, Texas should increase to $703,218 in Houston, Texas
I think the EPISD can easily say we have the highest paid superintendent in the state of TEXAS

Is it not always good to try to be number one not when you are using our children’s money!

I am reporting this mess to TEA.

27 Responses to Dan Wever on the EPISD superintendent’s compensation

  1. The Oracle says:

    For a . . . . Half Million a year . . . . must have a Super Brain the size of a watermelon !
    Huge huge Brain !
    Like from another planet.
    Performs a job. . . so HUGE that only a brain this size can handle it.
    (Why do I think that almost anyone with common sense could do his job ?)
    Has things gotten THAT BAD ?
    Surely there must be smart people with common sense that could do the job for the same as a teacher’s salary.
    Are people that earn $500,000 per year, 10 times smarter that those that earn $50,000 per year ?

    Or. . . 10 times more Common Sense ?

    What’s the deal ?


    • The Oracle says:

      You know. . . if it were a highly technical computer programmer’s job developing the next Super Chip for Texas Instruments to rule the world, OK, I can see paying them more.
      But, to just hire and fire others and set board policy, maybe help balance a budget or schedule new schools, have meetings and talk in front of people. NO.
      Common work, common sense work. No concrete to even mix. No colors to blend.
      Probably doesn’t even need a pencil or pen.
      Sounds like just a BS artist that knew people, who knew people, that like to shake hands and schmooze with the super snots of society. . . THAT’s HOW they got the job.


  2. Retired boomer says:

    It’s for the children. (Read sarcasm)


  3. Disgusted says:

    Why would a kid want to grow up and be president of the United States or a brain surgeon when he can make more money being the superintendent of a second-rate school system?

    This is disgusting. The guy simply is not worth that amount of money.

    The people who deserve more money are the people who make a real difference in the lives of children and sometimes even save children. Those are the teachers, not the administrators.

    Between the massive bond, the cost of the new offices, and the superintendent’s new contract, the new board and the superintendent have gone wild spending our money.

    When something doesn’t make sense, follow the money.


  4. Delusional says:

    A few thoughts for the day:

    Mr. Cabrera comes to us compliments of Dee Margo who wants to be our Mayor. God help our city.

    Over the years, I have been impressed with the thought that Actions won’t destroy you but Words will Kill. “It’s for the Kids.”

    Nice work Ms F.


    • Anonymous says:

      Sad that those same people will vote Dee Margo in as our Mayor . . maybe Margo can take Arrieta back to the city and find a job for Cabrera as well. EPISD is a mess. Cabrera is raking in the bucks at tax payer expense. SAD!!


  5. Y Que! says:

    Oh, but that epitome of excellence in journalism, El Paso Inc., named those 2 geniuses, Cabrera and Fenenbock, El Paosans of the year (or some such crap).


    • Anonymous says:

      For the past two weeks, EPISD has had a special advertising section in that same newspaper. That’s convenient timing coming on the heels of Cabrera and Fenenbock receiving the Inc award. How much are we paying for the ads in Inc.?


      • Dan Wever says:

        The EPISD hired a PR company out of Ft. Worth in June of 2016 (Just before the Bond Election) to make the EPISD look good or develop a “Brand” in order to lure students from other districts into the EPISD for the express purpose of receiving more State ADA money. The idea was to make everything about the EPISD look good. Cost for 2016-2017 equals $250,000. Of course this year they had to do it again otherwise someone might accuse them of spending money, which is illegal, favoring the bond issue. This years contract not over $300,000 as advertising costs have gone up.


  6. Its just money says:

    Want to make real money? Become a football or basketball coach at a public state university: http://www.businessinsider.com/us-states-highest-paid-public-employee-college-coach-2016-9


  7. wondering says:

    What about health insurance? What is that worth?


    • Dan Wever says:

      Wondering, Health Insurance is not listed, however the Times said the Incidental Benefits were health insurance. That is 2
      $2,500 a month.


      • What's Up Doc says:

        $2,500 a month? People are complaining about ACA policies, saying that they cost $500 to $1,200 a month? At $2,500 a month, Cabrera must also have a concierge doctor plan. How much you wanna bet? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that we give him $2,500 a month for healthcare and he buys his policy himself for a lot less and pockets the difference.


  8. mamboman3 says:

    I guess we can thank the voters who passed the bond election because the board interprets that as carte blanche to shower this guy with luxury so he doesn’t have to spend a dime out of his own pocket and they can spend away demolishing perfectly good buildings and building new ones to manipulate demographics instead of promoting and rewarding effective teaching. ..which is what education is supposed to be about.


  9. Tolbert, James H. says:

    Thank you.


  10. Chico says:

    “It’s the Republicans in Austin fault.”


  11. Insider says:

    All that for a man who had absolutely no experience and has led us to the lowest scores in the region, wasted money on “flex books”, silverback and Ren360. Bozo and his circus and EPISD taxpayers get hosed yet again!


    • Dan Wever says:

      You do not need any experience when you are converting a public school system into a charter school system. You just buy off of the rack and hope it fits something. You also need a good PR program to make the public think you are doing good.


  12. Insider says:

    Mr. Weber, is this superintendent still getting his rent paid while he looks for a house? Now going on three years? Garcia with a law degree.


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