EPISD–firing the YWCA?

The YWCA in El Paso runs an after school program at elementary schools in the El Paso District.

The children are supervised up to 6 PM.

We were approached the other day and told that district staff has let the cat out of the bag and said that the YWCA program was going to be replaced by one administered by a group from out of town.

From what we have been told the district has not communicated any problems or desires to the YWCA.

This would be a massive blow to another local organization.

We deserve better


7 Responses to EPISD–firing the YWCA?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now ya’ll just know that City Council knows what is good for the children and the parents just don’t comprehend! I mean, think about it. Gonna have to build new facilities for the after school gaggle, need new playgrounds, got to buy some new buses to get the gaggle to the day care, got to buy all the equipment and blankets and stuff! Why just face it, they is doing ya’ll a big favor!!!


  2. Guess this is how the local politicos, Public Officials “bring new business, JOBS, money, industry in to HELP the ECONOMY, the PEOPLE ” of El Paso. The Board, the “Elite” of EPISD will simply blow off that BILLION$$$$ Bond that SOME El Pasoans voted for, because they still believe the EPISD scam. “It’s for the children”. The Bond money will just go to Fennenbock and Company continuing to INCREASE Cabreas half-million dollar “salary”, “friends and Family” deals and OUT of El Paso “Consultants”. Stand back and watch El Paso, see if this BILLION$$$ Bond changes anything at all, besides the weight in some peoples pockets. WE cannot trust THEM. The ONLY thing that can save El Pasoans from EPISD, the local politicians is the FBI, more arrest, indictments.


  3. Anon says:

    If you think about it, the YWCA is not a “local organization” any more than the McDonald’s on Piedras is a “local organization.” The YWCA is based in Washington DC, not El Paso Texas. Yes, it hires local people to run its franchise, but it is by no means a “local organization.”

    If EPISD hires another organization to take over the after school programs, who will that organization hire? Local people.

    This seems to be much ado about nothing.


  4. Y Que! says:

    This is the same YWCA who, but for her cancelling her appearance, would have had Ashley Judd as their keynote speaker at this year’s annual gala. Shows the YWCA’s sense of mission and values. Good riddance to them.


  5. Anon says:

    Was the YWCA doing a good job?
    Were the YWCA employees trained?
    Were students learning/doing homework during that time or were they just sitting wasting time?
    Were students being neglected by the YWCA staff?
    Is the purpose of EPISD to babysit children after school?

    Before you jump to conclusions, maybe ask few questions from your “sources.”


  6. So, that’s how we attract “new” business to town, right?


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