EPISD–sneak preview

According to the Times our EPISD board viewed a presentation from the out of town engineering firm that the district has chosen to manage the bond projects this last Tuesday.

The Times article said “The presentation to the board was the first public discussion on what the campuses could look [like] after they’re transformed with bond dollars”.

Public not invited

The only item on the Tuesday agenda was posted this way:

“Discuss and Take Appropriate Action on Jacobs Project Management Company “Sprint Start” Document for Bond 2016 Projects (Approval is needed to proceed with contract negotiations with the selected firms and for selected firms to begin their formal design process for Bond 2016 projects)”

The “Sprint Start” document was not posted on the web site as part of the agenda packets sometimes available to us.

Maybe some of our readers could have read the agenda wording and figured out that there would be a show and tell about what their thoughts were.

According to the Times they are already considering making changes to what the bond projects will turn out to be.

We deserve better


7 Responses to EPISD–sneak preview

  1. There was supposed to be a total rebuild of Terrace Hills MS. Now the main building stays as is, they add a two story on the athletic field and “renovate” the cafeteria again. The problems are in the main and smaller buildings and the gym. And the construction is to start last, meaning it won’t happen at all.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear EPISD Family:

    Superintendent Juan Cabrera will deliver the State of the District address at the Centennial Club Conference Center on Fort Bliss today. His speech will touch on some of the successes students and employees have achieved over the last year year.

    The EPISD State of the District will be streamed live starting at noon at http://www.episd.org/live. For those who can’t watch the address live, a video of it will be available to view at your pleasure on the EPISD YouTube Channel shortly after the end of the event.

    We hope you can catch the address and hear about the exciting things happening in EPISD


  3. Benevelous says:


    Anyone who expected EPISD to do anything of import out in open view of the public is simply a fool.

    It’s not even that they are plotting sinister doings… They simply do not give a damn about you or your viewpoints. And, they most certainly do not wished to bothered with questions from the “irrelevant squabblers” out there (you know… Tax Payers, Parents, Employees, Students).

    The current administration took over with the mantra of being “completely transparent” in all of their dealings and programs. As we have seen, so much of what they have done has been completely OPAQUE and hidden from the public.

    They don’t even share details of programs and administrative changes with the staff! When they totally (or even just partially) rearrange the administration departments, something done every few months or so now, the staff of all those departments find out on announcement day. Yes, that’s right. All the people who actually do all the work in those departments [the people who might have incredibly valuable input on what changes might actually be effective] never EVER have any input as to the change about to happen! These periodic changes seem to be so that they can justify the hiring of some new high level administrator in some new position that ends up doing nothing new.

    As to the bond funded projects to come: Of course, there are going to be cost overruns. Of course, there will be promised improvements cancelled. Of course, there will be new projects appear as if by magic (all planned out and ready for construction never mentioned in the original bond details). Of course, tens to hundreds of millions of dollars will be wasted.

    As long as they get to continue their grand social experiments putting our children’s future at stake (endless new projects, programs, and technology buys that will do ZERO to help student learning) and their buddies get a whole lot of money for all their new pet projects, they will be happy and will continue the rape of the EPISD Tax Payer, the oppression of the EPISD Employee, and the total disregard for the well being of the EPISD student.


  4. Disgusted says:

    I just looked at the presentation on the Times website. Considering that so-called educators and a highly paid engineering firm prepared that presentation, it is embarrassing. The presentation is filled with errors that would cause a grammar school student to flunk English and composition. Everyone who had a hand in preparing or approving it should be fired. If these people can’t prepare an error-free slide presentation, they sure as hell can’t manage all these projects and hundreds of millions of dollars.


  5. tickedofftaxpayer says:

    That is fine with me. If the bait and switch happens because it is too costly to do all proposed improvements, I’m good with it. If the bait and switch is like Q of L with cost overruns everywhere in an effort to do everything on a list that was inappropriately budgeted, that would be a problem.


  6. anonymous says:

    Watch for another bait and switch. Some teachers at Coronado say that EPISD administrators are already telling them that the improvements at Coronado will be less than promised because they have determined that the cost would be too high to do all of the things that were promised before the vote.


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