Your portion of the city debt

If we use the United States census bureau numbers there were 220,682 households in the city of El Paso as of December 2015.

The 2.1 billion dollars of city bond debt then divides into just at $10,000 per household.

Those numbers do not include our unfunded pension fund obligations or the majority of the quality of life projects.

They do not include school district debt or county debt.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Your portion of the city debt

  1. This retiree certainly does not have any extra ten grand. So, maybe it is time to head ’em up, and move ’em out. Meanwhile, I have noticed on the national news (CBS & NBC, anyway), the last few nights, they’ve been going on about how home values are sky high, and the median cost of a new home is super high, and I wonder how El Paso fits into that “news.” I suspect that, even if we could find a buyer for our little house, we’d be lucky to sell for about one third of the amount they’re reporting nationwide, and then we’d find we could not afford to buy anywhere else.


  2. Old Gringo Guy says:

    It is past time to put the brakes on city council and STOP all the ‘feel good’ spending (the stupid arena, bicycle paths, street cars that go nowhere, etc). Put that bond money into needed items like street repair instead. Lower city council, mayor and city manager salaries and perks to minimum wage (Based upon time actually spent at work).


  3. Beto Moore says:

    Sure, we’ve squandered our children’s futures on a bunch of stupid stuff. But remember one thing. We have a digital wall.


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