Property tax rates compared to other cities

The “50-State Property Tax Comparison Study for taxes paid in 2015” from the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence has just been published.

The study is 103 pages long and unfortunately lists El Paso in the lists of cities that have the highest tax rates.  Their numbers as they relate to El Paso are:

Homestead property tax rate–3rd highest among the 50 largest cities

Industrial property tax rate for properties valued between one and 25 million dollars–3rd highest among the 50 largest cities (second highest for properties valued at $100,000)

Apartment property tax rate–10th highest among the 50 largest cities

These numbers are before the majority of the quality of life bonds and school district bonds (EPISD and Ysleta) are sold.

Recruiters needed

Do we have any volunteers for the job of bringing new businesses to El Paso?

We deserve better


19 Responses to Property tax rates compared to other cities

  1. Beto Moore says:

    We need more roundabouts.


  2. Central Appraisal District here is just a bigger part of the problem. THEY are essentially THE taxing entity. THEY are all in on it. The politicians want to increase taxes, THEY just call CAD and tell them to INCREASE Property Values. And like magic, the politico sharks, weasels INCREASE our taxes. And so where does all OUR money go? THEY can’t buy Police patrol cars, can’t hire Police, Sheriff Deputies, can’t repair, stripe, mark the streets, don’t clean up the city. The “Consultants”, “Friends, Family” that THEY pay don’t get more JOBS, BUSINESSES to come here. THEY waste MILLIONS for OUT of TOWN lawyers to handle their pet projects, likes, wants. MILLIONS$$$ for Arena’s for SOMEBODY, MILLIONS$$$ on a baseball field for a BILLIONAIRE who wants it, MILLIONS$$$ on trolley cars to take people from the Border entry, the TWO miles to UTEP. a BILLION$$$ slush fund for EPISD, A Superintendent that is paid an obscene salary of HALF-MILLION$$$, all that and more on the backs of “US stupid, ignorant peons in El Taxo”. A city, County a BILLION$$$ in DEBT .So yeah, where does all OUR money go?. Into pockets just to feed the Society of Corruption here? And then it’s ALWAYS more, more, more.


  3. Speaking of Recruiters.... says:

    You have got to be joking. The newly announced Deputy Superintendent of Academics was about to be terminated at the district where she came from. And she is a Board Member of the Organization that Cabrera is President of…you guessed it…TALAS, otherwise known as the EPISD employment agency. Read up on the new $200,000 deputy superintendent:


  4. Retired boomer says:

    When did it become one persons business how, when, or where another person choses to spend his / her money?


  5. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    I love the myths about factories. Some industries do require large amounts of water, but most tech industries don’t. The exception is PCB manufacturing (the creation of the bare boards). But El Paso isn’t interested in attracting manufacturing. They’d rather bring in stores and restaurants that basically all try to attract the same group of folks. And to the commenter on folks on the west side being tight wads and not eating out enough: I wasn’t aware that either my neighbors or I were obligated to spend whatever money we had left over after property tax payments (mine runs nearly $10k a year) on local restaurants. Personally I’d rather throw it in the bank so I can afford next year’s property tax surprise.

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    • ManintheMoon says:

      Your property tax increase which had a big jump for most in El Paso and El Paso county in 2016 wasn’t all because of all the bonds passed or local government raising taxes it was the El Paso Central Appraisal District failing for more than as much as 15 years to assess appropriate land values not the structures on the land but the physical land it’s self. They discovered this in late 2015. So Kilgore and her minion just made up for it by raising every ones property appraisals as much as they could legally get away with and the local government officials screwed the Tax payers of El Paso and went along with it.
      How did you guys think Vero and the CCC got away with such big raises with out raising your taxes it was because of the big wind fall from the EPCAD.
      I still have an open complaint against Kilgore at the EPCAD at the state level but have decided not to waste my time with it since I no longer live in El Paso or own property there any more.
      Then again it does not mean you guys still can’t go after her and take her appraiser license.
      Makes some open records request to Vero , Vince Perez, other elected officials and staff for documentations, e-mails etc about Kilgore and the EPCAD failures to appropriate appraise land values in El Paso County. I had a long discussion with them about this in November and December of 2016 Also ask the EPCAD the for their documentation and E-mails form Kilgore and her Staff on this.
      Then send your complains to Gabriella Berger, P.O. Box 12157 Austin Texas 78711 or email the complaints and open records docs to and address it to Gabriella Berger in the subject line also the enforcement Division telephone number is 512-539-5600.
      How do I know this information is because this is what we were told to do by the Texas Comptroller office.You can also file a complaints with the Texas Comptroller office but about all they can do is shake their finger and say bad at Kilgore and the EPCAD.
      Oh if you have a lot of money you can sue the Local government and Kilgore and the EPCAD but if you are not willing to spend in the area of 50 to 100 thousand dollar on Lawyers do not waste your time and make sure if you do bring suit Lawyers are from out side of El Paso area.


      • tickedofftaxpayer says:

        My land value has been appropriately assessed for years and my property value has been flat the last several years–the tax increases I’ve seen are all driven by taxing entities. I have appealed my property tax twice when the jumps seemed really disproportionate. The first jump was because CAD had incorrectly estimated my home’s square footage by measuring the outside and not taking into account a two-storey great room and the second jump was because they switched computer systems and loaded in data that used the bad square footage number which had been corrected after the first appeal. I won both appeals with just a meeting with their appraiser. I also appealed my business property tax on office equipment. I had to go through a full appeal on that as well (and won without a lawyer–depreciation isn’t that hard to calculate–they just went through a period where they refused to adjust for reported value figuring no one would appeal). All that said, I have not seen a home in my neighborhood sell for its appraised value in years all the prices come in lower. I think what you are referring to is the land values in the rural areas of the county where there is a significant amount of acreage included with the houses. Those always seemed to be underappraised. In the city limits, they have been putting high value on lots for years.


        • ManintheMoon says:

          You’er not understand what is being said here. The EPCAD appraised the structures on the properties right or let’s say what was common over appraisal values for the EPCAD but they forgot to do a lot of the land value it’s self. You may just be one of the lucky ones or they haven’t got to your area of the county yet. We now know for a fact this just did not happen in the eastern part of the county. For example my small lot with a trailer on it went up 233 dollars in one year this is a jump that does not come close to matching the tax increases we had for 15 years. Our over all tax increase for that time period was less than hundred dollars. The really bad part is the Kilgore and the EPCAD tried to lie about it and our elected officials tried to help cover it up. Here is what Kilgore/EPCAD and your elected officials know most will not do an appeal because they do not understand the process and think you have to have a lawyer. Also they do not understand it is not the tax payer who has to prove the appraisal value it the EPCAD that has to prove their appraisals values are correct. Help a family in 2016 and show them how to go through the process to drop their appraisal values with the EPCAD and theirs came down by almost 60%. EPCAD is raping El Paso Tax payers and with approval of elected officials in El Paso.


          • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

            Actually I do understand exactly what is being said. My lot in the city which is about 1/3 acre is appraised at about $47k, the structure (my house) is appraised at $313k. Folks in the city limits on standard size lots have been appraised high on land values for years. But folks in the county haven’t been appraised as consistently on land. I’ve seen no big jumps in lot value over the last 20 years just steady increases in both land and house value. That said, houses in my neighborhood have not been selling for appraised value so I agree CAD’s appraisals are inaccurate. They defend it because new construction does sell in that range and they don’t differentiate in value due to age of house unless you appeal. What you don’t seem to understand is that there has been a difference in the way city and county property was appraised for years.


  6. The Oracle says:

    AS the Internet grows. . . . . people SEE where the jobs are, what the cities really do and look like, (Google Maps), so EL Paso can’t bluff their way into the Main Jobs Scene, they way they used to, before the Internet.
    So, El Paso has got a LONG way to go.
    Used to be, ONLY the Chamber of Commerce that one could CALL before coming to a city. No longer. The Internet has exposed the Fake and Bluffing cities.

    I know. . . I’m WAY off topic now. This is suppose to be about Property Taxes.


  7. The Oracle says:

    It doesn’t matter WHAT Industry comes to El Paso, as they will hire at half the cost of many other cities. Published jobs of $25,000 get lines that go around the block of applicants.
    There are a few professionals that make real money, then there are retired people, Fort Bliss people, government workers (school system/ city and county) and those that won’t spend any money, and the rest are working folks.
    Seems like . . most “Large Factories” require massive amounts of water and are mostly located along rivers and waterways, oceans, lakes, etc.
    Well, El Paso CERTAINLY doesn’t have any water available like that.


  8. Walli says:

    Exactly! Where I currently live, in Colorado, my property taxes or 1/5 of what I pay on my house and El Paso. And though I pay state income tax in Colorado, even when you combine what I pay for property taxes with my state income tax, it’s still less than my property taxes alone in El Paso!


    • ManintheMoon says:

      Brutus and Walli
      We moved at the end last year out of El Paso and where we live now we were shocked to how less it cost to live from El Paso. Form Taxes, to food, to utilities. It was an eye opener. Our first utilities bill we thought they had made a big mistake but it wasn’t. People of El Paso are getting screwed across the board to what it cost to live in El Paso. I live in a town with a population less than Horizon City. We have open spaces and parks that interconnect and you can basically walk across town, It has a Hospital,Library, a University,hey even a transit system that really works. The Transit system even connects to the larger metro areas. So far since we been here there has been at least once a month a free concert in the park or some others event going on.
      We know another person who left El Paso just a few years ago and moved to a different part of the country and also found the something. Then again the moron elected officials can’t seem to get why there is a growing exodus out of the City and county of El Paso.
      Do not get us wrong there were positive things we liked about El Paso but the negatives out weighed the positive in the end.Two of the negatives that help us decide to move was the outrages taxation to the quality and level of services from local government and the level of corruption in the local government that was just excepted that helps drive up costs to live in El Paso and El Paso County.


    • JerryK says:

      It comes down to for whom do you build the city? Investors? Builders? Young people? Tourists? Useless eaters? You get what you build for.


  9. Anon says:

    I was just remarking the other day about how many of these high end stores and restaurants are coming to El Paso. There is no new industry or workforce of any kind that I know of to follow these places. Surely they are doomed to failure if they expect the locals to supports them beyond the initial “Gee Whiz let’s all go there phase.”

    Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse? Who the heck can afford to eat there? We have already seen Whole Foods start to bite the dust.

    I don’t understand what gets these businesses here in the first place knowing what they know about the local economy. Someone must be painting them a prettier picture than what we are seeing.


    • The Oracle says:

      You are right.
      And the “households” in El Paso contain 2 and 3 and 4 people or families all in ONE HOUSE.
      2-3-4 families, all earning pretty-much minimum wage.
      When their Real Estate scouts come to El Paso, they see all of these million dollar homes, (but are really $150,000 homes).
      So, the language is “twisted” and if all of the Realtors are on the take (gonna get paid), who’s gonna tell them NO ?
      If they don’t ask the right questions. . . they’ll NEVER get the right answers.
      They see Traffic Counts. (Many of those are not working people, just taking kids back and forth to school and making many trips cause some of the family do not have HAVE cars), so THAT makes for MANY trips and MANY cars in a Traffic Count) and miles and miles of BIG homes, (which are not 25% of the price of the large city they came from).
      The people on the West Side that HAVE money, but won’t spend it on going to bars and upscale restaurants. They are older and also very very very old and very conservative (cheap and tightwads). And once they get their shoes off, they are NOT going back out for the evening.

      Then they SEE Dave and Busters, Chris Streak House, 5 Guys, Firehouse Subs, Jeepers -even a HUGE Gander Mountain (which is now closing) and others and go “Wow, these people are really spending.”

      The only thing EL Paso is good and consistent at, spending money on is. . . Backyard Drinking Parties and consume the most beer per person of almost any other city.


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