Neighborhood roads

Other than the freeway work and the city’s pothole teams, is anyone seeing any street rebuilding/resurfacing happening in the neighborhoods?

We deserve better


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  1. mark maes says:

    no. copia was on the list before romero removed it. it still sucks and has for years


  2. Not out here in Far East El Paso.


  3. JerryK says:

    Orange barrels on Belvedere but no sign or work.


  4. anonymous says:

    no. and recent pothole repairs in my area have been done very poorly. they are just throwing asphalt in the holes without doing proper cuts and the top of the holes are not being evened out.


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    Street reconstruction on Robinson Avenue began in August 2016. Supposedly to finish in 300 calendar days. Ha. The latest word is March 2018. Given the pace of the work, I’d say March 2019. This was overdue for about 50 years, so at least it is happening…meantime, try driving down Brown, or Cincinnati leading to the official residence of the UTEP pres…parts of it are like the surface of the moon. Parts of Copia the same. How can they make these streets so bad??


  6. Anonymous says:

    There are actually “Pothole Teams”?? Maybe they hang out around City Hall just so the Mayor, City Council can say “They are out working”. Street Repair?? Drive around, North East, Airport, Viscount areas, I’m sure many areas in the city. Lane markings have been missing, not replaced for months. Middle of the streets, turn lanes, including ones in the middle of intersections. Faded, non-exixtant . But I think ALL of Silly Councils BIKE LANES are MARKED. No wonder there are so many traffic accidents in El Paso. This plus the FACT that the Mayor, City Council, City “Manager”, have apparently REMOVED most of the Police from the streets. Bikers, cars doing 90-100 MPH plus on I-10, highway 54 and seems the only Patrols out, the only “Enforcement” is DPS Troopers. But for some reason, NONE of these speeders are ever seen by anybody. No patrols, no radar. Wonder if the Mayor, City Council, Commissioners ever get off their pedestals, walk outside and look around El Paso?? Apparently that is not part of their “Job”, position. Maybe WE pay one of their “Consultants”, couple HUNDRED-THOUSAND$$$$ to do that sort of thing?


  7. old gringo says:

    Hmmm. Ain’t seen any lately, but then I have only lived in El Paso about 45 years or so. Guess only if you are a city official does your street get fixed.


  8. Judy Maddox says:

    No only re stripping and pothole repair. District 1 PETER SVARZBEIN poor man has a staff that doesn’t give him messages from what he had to say last night he hadn’t heard any complaints. But sign up for my emails so I can tell you how great I am. Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for this guy. He ranks with Jim Scheer and Courtney Neiland.

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    • anonymous says:

      The streets in District 1 are some of the worst in the city. Svarzbein just doesn’t care. He is clueless because he is focused on things like trolleys and other things that are irrelevant to the average taxpayer.


      • Anonymous says:

        That’s pretty much all of them. Sam Morgan got elected up North East, don’t know what happened to him after that. Maybe just went home. The only thing that ever changes in EL Taxo, is the NAMES of the people who INCREASE TAXES. One Council, one Mayor, Commissioners, are not any better than the last one or the NEXT one. They ALL are just there for whatever THEY can get for themselves or TAKE from US And of course whatever THEY can FORCE TAXPAYERS to buy for the RICH ELITE, who provide their campaign “Donations”.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I was walking my dog early the other morning and saw Peter Svarzbein sneaking out of Shapleigh’s house. When saw me he rushed over to his Subaru wagon and hid behind it. He’s a big kid so it was futile. Walk of shame? Who knows. True story


  10. Open your eyes says:

    What lanes ? Aerial photographs show El Paso streets look like Grandma’s hand stitched quilt. Or maybe they want that old west look for tourists. Hasnt one noticed that some trolley tracks are appearing in a couple of streets in the Segundo barrio. Looks like they’re inching their way to the border before anyone gets wind of the stealth.


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