Enough already

The arena folks at the city and elsewhere have lost another battle.  Read about it at Sign of Zorro.

The judge in Austin has ruled that the city cannot host sports events in the facility, without regard to what they call the building.

The judge also has prohibited the city from spending any money in addition to the bond money to add the capability of hosting sports events.

The city continues to spend our money fighting the legal battle.

We have to wonder if the multipurpose performing arts center can possibly operate at a profit if there cannot be sporting events in the facility.

Isn’t it time to regroup?  The facility should not be built unless unbiased studies can show that it can be operated profitably.

Our tax bills are too high already, especially when we consider that there are essentials not being taken care of.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Enough already

  1. Haiduc says:

    I am not an attorney but I do watch a lot of ” law and Order”………
    so cannot EP City et al appeal to a higher court???


  2. Judy Maddox says:

    Hey here a novel idea I know it is not Downtown but how about Cohan Stadium use funds to update . Does not meet Renew Downtown but it could become multipurpose because the field is there and not added Duh Just a dumb idea from a stupid taxpayer!

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  3. Fed up with Max says:

    Wonderful. Max has succeeded in saving another blighted area of downtown. With no plans for its improvement or development, it will sit as the ugly sister to the south.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Max alone is not entrusted with developing plans for historic neighborhoods, nor required to do so in conjunction with protecting said neighborhoods. Interesting shops and restaurants can take root in historic neighborhoods. Take a look at Albuquerque’s Old Town. Old Montreal is full of tourists enjoying the pedestrian-only streets and the array of shops and cafés.

      You wouldn’t by any chance be a proponent of the “arena,” would you? Must be frustrating to see its construction stalled. Perhaps you might explain how a giant structure that would be empty and dark more than half the year would not constitute blight.


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