Children’s hospital continues to lose money

We now have further evidence that the group that promised us that the children’s hospital would not cost taxpayers any money were wrong.

Our former county judge was a leader of this group.  Now it appears that she wants to run for our United States congress.

The children’s hospital continues to lose money.

For the three months ended June, 2017 they lost another $3.6 million.  If that continues the annual loss would be $14.4 million.

The children’s hospital does have a new chief executive officer.

We can only hope that she can lessen the losses.

We deserve better




9 Responses to Children’s hospital continues to lose money

  1. abandon hope says:

    And still the Providence Children’s Hospital does well and even if it doesn’t, taxpayers don’t pay. This is a “told you so” that keeps giving (or in this case, keeps bleeding taxpayer $) and now one of its architects wants to take her skills to a federal level. Do not blame Neptune for a second shipwreck.


  2. Old Fart says:

    Brutus, please have the alert blog reader, who brought this Children’s Hospital item to your attention, see if they could find out how much UMC may be transferring to that Children’s entity to cover these shortfalls? UMC is the property taxpayer entity under which Children’s operates.

    Not too long back thought I saw a reader letter to editor in the Times about a UMC.


    • Brutus says:


      My understanding is that the county hospital essentially has the children’s hospital set up like a wholly owned subsidiary and thus whatever money the children’s hospital loses is paid by the taxpayers.



  3. […] usual, Brutus speaks the truth. See Children’s Hospital continues to lose money. He […]


  4. Heads We Lose, Tails We Lose says:

    I agree with the concerns about Veronica Escobar, but let’s not act as though her opponent hasn’t presided over her own runaway spending and questionable management. After all, Dori did push through a $667 million bond and isn’t sticking around to insure that it is spent wisely. No, she wants to move on to “greener” pastures. Of course, both were doing it for the kids. Right? Veronica shilled for Valenti’s wild-ass schemes, covered for him when they failed, and still helped feather his nest. Dori has more or less done the same for her junket companion Cabrera. Just like the last presidential election, this race offers voters two equally bad choices of candidates. Regardless how we vote, we lose. We deserve better.


    • good governance oxymoron says:

      Like it or not the big difference is the voters in EPISD voted to pass the bond and increase the tax rate, regardless of Dori’s support.

      Escobar and commissioners court raised taxes yearly without taxpayer consent including 2 hefty salary raises for herself for which she acknowledge was a part time job and why a county manager was necessary.


      • Heads We Lose, Tails We Lose says:

        Like it or not, voters in El Paso county passed the bond for the Children’s Hospital, which was the focus of the post. Without getting into a back and forth as to which of these two candidates did which things, I still think both are almost equally bad choices.


        • good governance oxymoron says:

          First off your post never mentioned mush less focused on the Children’s hospital, only Valenti’s “wild ass schemes”, which there were a multitude.

          And the voters never approved the tax payer funded bailout of the
          Children’s hospital failed financial model.

          Nor did voters approve tax increases for clinics that were built on George Dieter as well as inside Loop 375 around Vista Del Sol and not in “colonias” as Escobar represented.

          EPISD bond oversight is the responsibility of the entire elected school board, not individual board members, which will no doubt change over the life of the bond.

          This EPISD board is still managing bond money from a previous and entirely different board.

          Futhermore, if you read the superintendents contract that was approved by the Board of Managers, not Dori, and in effect at the time, the contract specifically required those trips and also stipulated the board President attend.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Although not formally entered yet, there is an excellent potential candidate in Enrique Garcia. Dori and Vero are not the only candidates out there…not that the El Paso “vote for Vero” Times would let you know that.


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