Back in the district attorney’s court

Two of our community bloggers have been trading pot shots about various things including the apparent open meetings violations committed by a current and former members of city council.  See Texas Rangers.

Now according to the Lionstar blog:

Well that allegedly fake investigation by the Texas Rangers was concluded and turned over to the District Attorneys Office.

Now it is up to our district attorney.

One can argue that the DA  was right to stay out of the school prosecutions since they were being handled at the federal level.

This issue however is clearly a local one.  The public deserves prompt action from the district attorney.  He should either prosecute the case or let us know why he will not.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Back in the district attorney’s court

  1. JerryK says:

    The Feds do a runaround the DA here because he is part of the problem, not the solution.


  2. anon says:

    You’ll hear as much about this as you did with the investigation of the Ann Morgan Lilly incident involving city employees doing work on her street. Nada.


  3. Anonymous says:

    “Turned over to the LOCAL District Attorney”??? That’s a JOKE, right?? This District Attorney has NEVER found any corruption, criminal activity, wrong doing, Official Misconduct in ANY City, County Government or Public Office in El Paso. He don’t hear nuthin, see nuthin, don’t know nuthin, don’t even suspect nuthin. This “Investigation” was a waste of time, effort by the Texas Governor, DPS and the Rangers. Understand the Rangers just conducted the Investigation. Giving the information, investigation to the LOCAL, D.A , might as well have written it on toilet paper with disappearing ink. Should have been given to the State Attorney General. ALL of the EPISD cases, the one LOCAL Judge cases were cases built, prosecuted by the F.B.I. The LOCAL “Authorities”, LOCAL “Law ENFORCEMENT”, don’t hear nuthin, don’t see nuthin……………………………….that concerns the LOCAL “Good ol boys”. Welcome to El Taxo, the “Law West of the Pecos”.


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