It is hard to believe that EPISD has no plan for moving their planetarium when the city kicks them out of their central offices by the airport.

The school district has made plans to move but according to recent news reports the plans do not include moving the planetarium.  Instead it seems that they are asking the city for money to accomplish the move.

Many of us would think that with the amount of money the district is spending on the central office move and the bond issue that they would have found a way to fund a great resource for students.

We deserve better


12 Responses to EPISD–planetarium

  1. The Oracle says:

    if the EPISD wants to locate the Planetarium DOWNTOWN, then no one will go. That is just stupid stupid stupid.
    Parking is ALWAYS a problem downtown.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The entire move makes no sense. Why would to move to a location that doesn’t accommodate the entire staff? Why have two buildings? And, why doesn’t the Superintendent and “his admin” team need the new building?


  3. Silence is Not Golden says:

    I think it says more about how the community does not value these type of places. First Insights was blown up, no one cared. Now the planetarium. No one cares. If they cared they would be making a big stink Thre was concern was made about putting speed bumps in front of Cathedral High School than there is about the only planetarium in the city. Not even people who you would think should care like science professors at UTEP or EPCC are saying anything. Where is the outrage from teachers? The apathy in the community is deafening. We dont miss things until they are gone. And THEN we get mad.


    • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Very well said. Let’s not forget City Council is also back tracking on the dark skies ordinance. We seem determined to focus on bright lights, big city expansion instead of recognizing the uniqueness our geography offers in terms of proximity to desert and mountains.


  4. Stephen Hawking says:

    Put it in the new children’s musem if it ever gets built.


  5. JerryK says:

    “Parking is ALWAYS a problem downtown…”
    Not for Paul and Woody who get a cut of city parking revenues during games.


  6. Anonymous says:

    EPISD moved downtown years ago and it did NOT work!! No telling how much money they spent re-doing the gas building – how come no one remembers? Didn’t they even purchase parking for the employees then? It didn’t work and now they are trying it again. What is the definition of insanity?

    EPISD has loads of resources bought with Federal funds that they do not utilize! Now, letting go of the Planetarium is just something else the public will forget about and pass another bond years from now giving the idiots more money to waste! One Superintendent had the EPISD tag line… “Good and Getting Better”

    Central office has known for many YEARS they would eventually have to move – but their lack of common sense and ability to plan and execute a move that is the best interest of the employees, parents and taxpayers is beyond their scope.

    Looking forward to hearing how the move downtown works out.


    • anonymous says:

      EPISD’s relocation to downtown will work out fine for Fenenbock’s relatives. Their hotel and the public/private partnership they are working on with the city both stand to benefit from EPISD being downtown. But I’m sure her family’s downtown development plans did not influence her push to move the headquarters downtown.


  7. Judy Maddox says:

    Hey send it to Region 19 Building central location all entities can use it I am tired of hearing no money for schools it’s there just blown away in other directions

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  8. Judy Maddox says:

    As for sports fields the kids need them BUT NOT AT CITY EXPENSE. There is property on the ground of every school you pay a coach at the school mark your fields and players

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  9. Justathot says:

    Juat move to santa teresa. Lots of homes on country club and pretty affordable or move to a nice winton flair home and pay half in taxes and laugh at your years of folly paying el paso taxes.


  10. Idontunderstand says:

    I thought that it was published that building int he northeast on property already owned by the district would cost $25 million. And the Board of Managers had selected that option. Why spend $40 million to move downtown. It won’t make things easier on parents to visit. With the cost savings the planetarium could go as well.


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