EPISD–public facility corporation

These minutes from the EPISD administrative public facility corporation show that the district still intends to use the corporation to build the new central office:

The public facility corporation was created by the board of managers which was then headed by our current mayor.

Don’t worry about the cost–we can’t do anything about it.  The corporation has the power to issue bonds without voter approval.

If you are curious about the “summary of the project” that was presented, don’t bother to look.  The district does not post the agenda material for this special group’s meetings.

We deserve better


4 Responses to EPISD–public facility corporation

  1. Anonymous says:

    El Taxo. Just one big CORRUPT, CRIMINAL enterprise.


  2. Benevelous says:

    Yes, I nice secret agenda group that can issue bonds without voter approval (or much of public knowledge!).

    What could possibly go wrong with THIS?


  3. Dan Wever says:

    Cannot do anything without boards approval!


    • anon says:

      So what’s your point?! The board is part of the problem. The board created the public facility corporation, which is simply a mechanism for end-running taxpayers and making unilateral decisions that they know taxpayers would probably not support.


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