Still don’t know about the children’s hospital financial situation

Following up on Children’s hospital fate being discussed, a loyal reader got the folks over at the county hospital to post the video of the December 12, 2017 board meeting.

At the November board meeting there was an item that allowed the children’s hospital new chief executive to make a presentation to the board explaining the children’s hospital financial situation.

That presentation was postponed to the December meeting in order to give the new chief executive a little time to become more familiar with the situation at the children’s hospital.

Unfortunately at the December meeting the topic was moved to the consent agenda and her report was accepted without discussion.

So we still don’t know what is going on.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Still don’t know about the children’s hospital financial situation

  1. Board Statement says:

    We’re not sharing. Run along. No need for you to know. Just work hard and pay your taxes. We’ll take it from there.


  2. naive says:

    I am continually amazed about how many people are involved in getting Escobar to win, no matter what.


  3. Old Fart says:

    Children’s Hospital has certainly used its ‘nonprofit status’ as a mechanism to kill off any form of local transparency or public accountability!

    If voters had known how closed Children’s would become, wonder if they would have voted for the bond to build that building?

    Wonder where commissioner court was during all this time? At least now during this election season voters can surface that question. Were we will served?


    • Unnamed Source says:

      Nonprofits are required to file financial reports that are available to the public, but don’t be surprised if UMC is gaming that system.


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