Refuse the Juice speaks out

David K over at Refuse The Juice posted an interesting article the other day.  You can read it here.

Many of our readers are under the mistaken belief that newspapers are supposed to be impartial.

It is true that many newspapers are less blatant in their bias than the Times.


5 Responses to Refuse the Juice speaks out

  1. abandon hope says:

    And this is news? I haven’t read the EP Slimes in years. The good writers have left. Objectivity and fairness, even thoroughness and good grammar are strangers to their “newsroom.”


  2. al bundy says:

    But nobody gives a shit what the El Paso Times or David K think.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I cancelled my subscription years ago. The price kept going up while page count dropped. I tried El Paso, Inc. but dropped it after it became obvious it exists to glorify the most corrupt in El Paso. Sorry, I don’t think folks who waste El Paso tax dollars (or are the beneficiaries of those who tax and spend) should win awards for community service.


  4. DontBeGullible says:

    Yes and DavidK’s family and friend (Tolbert, the Ruth Chris, you’re an ass constituent guy) are actively supporting Dori. They have donated the maximum amount allowed to her campaign. So the relevance or supposed bias depends on the perspective of the writer. And this out-of-town attack dog of a mouthpiece is her operative. As they say, consider the source. By the way, unless Escobar owns USA Today, she can’t conteol the times. So stop feeding the vitriol.


    • Anonymous says:

      If you ever wonder about the tone of David K’s stuff, keep in mind that he is a Washington lobbyist and PAC fund manager for a healthcare insurance company.


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