Almost as bad as you can get

Well things are getting measurably worse.

In 2014 we had the 5th highest effective residential property tax rate among the 50 largest cities in the United States.  See 5th highest taxes.

In 2015 we had the 3rd highest.  See Climbing to the top.

For 2017 we were the 2nd highest.

Remember that most of the quality of life bonds have not been issued yet nor have most of the school district bonds.

We deserve better


11 Responses to Almost as bad as you can get

  1. skydiverr says:

    Well, this year at the behest of our mayor, the properties citywide were re-evaluated and reappraised. Most of the values went up. So it would stand to reason that there should be no reason for an increase in the tax rate………………………… wait for it ………………………………..wait for it

    Anyone willing to bet on this one?


  2. Anonymous says:

    And then they come up with this campaign to get people to move, RETIRE in El Taxo. Military, NOBODY should ever make a decision to retire, move here. Retired Military, moved here in 1991 for a Federal job. Worst idea was to stay after that retirement. Military disabilities, age means NOTHING when it comes to Property “Values”, taxes here. “Oh no, we didn’t increases your taxes, your Property “Value” INCREASED. “Inflated, FABRICATED Property “Values”, just to increase taxes. On a Fixed Rate V.A. loan, my house payment INCREASED by more than $300 per month. Shopping for a new home just North of Austin. Taxes much LESS, everything much better than El Taxo. Was a bad decision to stay here this long.


  3. Rico Suave says:

    When you rob Peter to give to Paul…
    You always have the support of Paul.


    • anonymous says:

      Great lines, Rico. In our case Peter didn’t get robbed. He is one of Paul’s gofers helping to take your money and give it to Paul and his friends. Paul and his friends also paid Peter to help promote the their pet projects that need your money.


  4. Jud Burgess says:

    Here’s my video take on things regarding the ride to TAXPAYER HELL mayor Margo and city council have us on…enjoy, or not.

    And past administrations that exploited El Pasoans’ ignorance, apathy and inertia.

    Let’s change that culture and educate. Thanks for your efforts Brutus.


    • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Very well done, Jud. Here is a headline to look at: Nashville is winning corporate relocations because they have no state income taxes and one of the lowest property taxes on the list previously shared by this blog. This is what good economic development looks like. Unfortunately, the amount of taxes we already have enslaved ourselves to in this community means we are getting blacklisted by corporations. They can do the math. They know how this scenario ends up. So do our city leaders, but they are trying to float the “we deserve this” myth long enough for the downtown REIT investors to flip their properties and move on. The few corporate headquarters we have are fleeing El Paso.


  5. lol@ says:

    And our love-tax “leaders” like John Cook and Veronica Escobar seek ever-higher office so they can continue to “fight for improving our way of life” by spending money on things we don’t need. If John Cook becomes County Judge he will make our county tax burden more comparable to the city’s tax burden under his administration. If you hate money and love government then you should vote for John Cook. Veronica Escobar, on the other hand, will be ineffective in state office so it really doesn’t matter if she wins or not. She will just be a social justice warrior and act like Jose Rodriguez, calling everyone a racist. A vote for her is just a vote for nothing at all but agitation.


    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly right. And everyday we get the spill from the local politicos, Administrative bench warmers that “This is what the “People want”, when they are blowing off MILLIONS$$$ on something THEY want. What “PEOPLE, WHO”?? Tax INCREASES, Certificates of Obligation. Just more Tax INCREASES, more things for US to pay for, MORE money for THEM to TAKE from US. THEY all LIE to US to get elected and THEY lie to US when they get in office. Margo, Cook, O’Rourke, Escobar. The only thing that ever changes here is the NAMES of the people that TAKE whatever THEY can get from US. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. BILLIONS$$$ in DEBT and no way to ever pay it. BANKRUPTCY.


    • FedUp says:

      Cook’s current commercials tout transparency, but he is the person who went along with backroom deals that resulted in the downtown ballpark, which is not self-supporting. He then immediately went to work lobbying for a downtown developer. He is just one of several people who moves from one taxpayer-funded job to another.


  6. Sad El Pasoan says:

    My employer is moving to Juarez. The determining factor – property taxes. This year the Central Appraisal District misled taxpayers in writing by stating that the deadline for property renditions was April 15th. The company assumed it had submitted its rendition on time by April 3rd. We just received the new property appraisal and realized that the CAD increased our property values by 15% for not submitting our property rendition by April 1st. We were informed that even though the first line of the instructions stipulated April 15th, there was also another set of tax codes that needed to be taken into consideration when submitting the renditions.


    • Anonymous says:

      So does anybody want to ask why Domestic, International businesses will not move to El Taxo? This is it. Inherent corruption. And now the city has lost another business. Businesses cannot afford to operate at a LOSS just to be in El Taxo. Why should they? And that is why they don’t come here, stay here.


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