You pick the topic

I have no idea where this will lead but let’s open the comments to what the readers want to talk about today.

Remember please don’t get personal and don’t use profanity.


18 Responses to You pick the topic

  1. Anonymous says:

    Antifa, it’s roots and future. who benefits. truth in advertising, i.e. a self-described anti-fascist group that uses violent fascist techniques to silence speech and intimidate people they don’t agree with


  2. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    Even though l just woke up (pre caffeine) l’m going to give this a little try. l hate Christmas! lt’s dark, dank and gloomy. The traffic sucks. l can stomach about ten minutes of C-mas music and then it becomes nauseating. Why, you ask? Because l’m no longer seven years old. lt sucks that, that one music station will start playing nothing but C-mas music pretty soon. And shopping? Forget about it. Between mid November until the second week of January, l try to stay at least 100 miles away from the malls. All of that screaming and yelling and you can’t walk 5 feet without someone running you over. And don’t even get me started about the parking. Gifts – ok, let’s talk about it. We as humanoids buy each other gifts that we usually don’t want (uh oh, l just dropped a truth bomb) and then we lie to our friends/family by saying that this is just wonderful! Yeah, this florescent tea cozy is truly the perfect gift. Thank you, Aunt Millie! Look, we’re all grown-ass adults here. if we want something for ourselves, we just go out and get it without waiting ’til the end of the year for someone else to buy it. l seriously doubt that anyone read this entire 75000 word whiny rant, but that’s ok. Right now, some of you are yelling that half the world is starving so shut your mouth, fat boy! Ok, l’m done.

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  3. james walter peterson says:

    We spend plenty of tax dollars and water fees for drainage projects. Does anyone ever talk about harvesting rain water runoff?

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  4. Fred Borrego says:

    The City Of El Paso got us all on board about recycling in years past. We spent millions on it. Now, according to information given to us at a meeting I attended last night, it is a sinking endeavor. The city is cutting back on many recyclable items. They even spend money on a Recycle Patrol that goes around taking samples of your Blue Bins. The main reason they gave is China. Really ? We started our recycle program based on China ?


    • Anonima says:

      China was the low-wage destination for most of the recycle material, excluding aluminum and steel, but in the past year has enacted stringent rules about what can be food-contaminated material, for example. So what do we do with all the junk we produce?


      • JerryK says:

        40 years ago, El Paso was the China of the USA, or so our city leaders promoted it to the high wage Yankees up north.


      • Rethink your purchases says:

        We need to produce less waste. No more plastic bags (take your own bag to the store), demand products that come with less packaging (do toys really need to be attached to all that carboard, does a bottle of asprin really need to be in a box?) and stop throwing away usable items. Buy products made from recycled materials. Buy less, use less. This might not be popular but cities all over the world are dealing with this issue.


  5. BabyApe says:

    Both the city and county have had numerous projects in the past few years that have come in over budget and way beyond completion dates. We hire out of town consultants to do studies including engineering and project management. Why is no one at the city and county held accountable for this?


  6. Anonima says:

    How about looking into who makes the rules for the school zones? Some have flashing lights and the traffic rules apply only when the lights are on. Others just have signs that indicate low speed and no passing rules apply 7 am to 4 pm, apparently every day including Christmas and New Year’s? Speed limits vary. And there are some intersections a block from a school that have no signs at all. Who is in charge? Anyone?


  7. Westsider says:

    Why is the city buying cases of water in plastic bottles for city employees? I realize it is a tiny, tiny expense but it is such a bad example when we should all be using re-usable stuff. What’s wrong with people bringing a glass or a cup from home? Or use the drinking fountain? Have you seen the pictures of the ocean full of plastic bags and bottles? And, while they’re at it, ban plastic bags.


  8. Help Wantef says:

    I would like to talk about hiring people with physical disabilities. A friend is in his early 20’s, has a degree from UT Austin and certification in the medical field. He looks great on paper but when he goes in to interview his physical disability and use of a hearing aid becomes a question for the employer. He’s worked hard to learn how to compensate for his lack of one arm and can hear with his hearing aid. I’ve looked at young people working at stores and offices around El Paso and have noticed that those with disabilities are under represented in the work force. They deserve a chance to prove themselves too. All they need is a fair chance.


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