Out of our control

We have a city council election coming up in a couple of weeks.

City council representatives are elected to four year terms.  The can serve a maximum of ten years during their lifetime which effectively limits them to two elected terms.

One problem with this is that the current incumbents know that this is their last election.  They have no need to do what the public wants during their second term if we give them one.  They cannot be re-elected.  Recalling them is very difficult and has not been successfully in modern times.

Voting for an incumbent is something you should think about.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Out of our control

  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely true. Not one of THEM deserves to be re-elected by US. They don’t REPRESENT US, only themselves and whatever THEY can take from US. And THEY have already decided to INCREASE our taxes in January. Why would WE vote for people who do NOTHING but tax, waste, spend, INCREASE taxes on US. Even if my Rep is unopposed, I refuse to give him MY vote. My vote is important and THEY have to do something, anything to earn it. And when all they’ve got is “Increase my, OUR taxes”, have no use for them. Think very carefully about YOUR job, tax cuts, more pocket money for family. Don’t waste YOUR vote on some politician who doesn’t deserve it, hasn’t WORKED for YOU, US.


    • John Hogan says:

      There are NO incumbents running unopposed. Infact, in every city council race but one tgere are four or more candidates. District 6 needs to not reelect their incumbent either.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Rich Wright has my vote.

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  3. John Dungan says:

    It’s not like they’ve paid much attention to the public needs or feelings during this past term, either, is it? I, for one, believe that it has been a long, long time since our City Council or Mayor paid the slightest bit of attention to us. So, please rest assured that my mail in ballot included no votes for incumbents locally, and few for any other seat (other than the deluge of judges running unopposed).

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  4. Jud Burgess says:

    The other thing to think about regarding the incumbents is where their obscene amounts of campaign donations are coming from. If anyone thinks that they are sensitive to the needs of the average El Pasoan, think again.

    Even mayor Dee “hold the line on taxes” Margo is contributing to their campaigns which amount to legalized bribery (UNETHICAL).

    mayor Margo donations:

    Cissy Lizarraga – $1,000

    Claudia Perez – $1,000

    Isabel Salcido – $1,000
    newcomer that lines up perfectly with Borderplex Alliance

    Total incumbent cash donations (most coming from the Borderplex Alliance millionaires/billionaires club members who have a very clear agenda to enrich themselves at the expense of over-taxed El Pasoans)

    Peter Svarzbein – $46,340

    Cissy Lizarraga – $35,825

    Claudia Perez – $19,600

    Money talks and buys elections.


  5. Rico Suave says:

    oh ho ho; the tyranny of low local voter turnout…or money Talks!


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