EPISD–financial rating

It doesn’t look like things are getting better at EPISD, at least from a financial perspective.

For 15 years the district achieved the highest rating and now they have fallen into the lower half of the above standard rating.

We deserve better


6 Responses to EPISD–financial rating

  1. ripper1951 says:

    The rating is misleading. It doesn’t mean they have handled money well. It means they have turned in reports on time.


  2. the only rating that matters says:

    El Paso government loves to talk about ratings. Let’s see the ratings for how taxpayers judge government performance on key things like property tax rates, quality of streets, QOL project delivery, debt management, ethics and transparency.


  3. The Wizard says:

    I don’t know about school reports and scores, but what I do know is that EPISD (we the tax payers, Board, administration) needs to rethink open campus for high school lunch. I propose a more graduated open campus system vs. the common Freshman on campus and all others can go off campus. I can tell you that open campus allows easy access to illegal substances, car crashes, problem behaviors, and being tardy to class after lunch. Sophomores (and Jr. Sr. for that matter) are still kids and we are still charged with their safety, education, nutrition, etc. during the school day.

    Staying on campus for lunch is more affordable for everyone and is more nutritious. It may not taste great, but it is nutritious. Yea, I know that schools have created their own problems with cafeteria (school) size and food served at improper temperature. But I think EPISD has millions in bond funds to fix those school cafeteria sizes.


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