EPISD disappoints again

The EPISD school board president just resigned.

He evidently told the Times that he no longer lives within the district.

From the district’s policy manual:

A person elected or appointed to serve as a board member must
remain a resident of the district throughout the term of office. A
board member who ceases to reside in the district vacates the office.

Tex. Const., Art. XVI, Sec. 14;

Prince v. Inman, 280 S.W.2d 779 (Tex. Civ. App.—Beaumont 1955, no writ);

Whitmarsh v. Buckley, 324 S.W.2d 298 (Tex. Civ. App.—Houston 1959, no writ)

It appears that the Texas constitution, Texas statutes, and local board policy make are clear.


When did the trustee move out of the district that he represented?

Did he participate in decisions that he had no right to be involved in?

We deserve better


20 Responses to EPISD disappoints again

  1. ripper1951 says:

    From the comments made and the scuttlebutt, he completed his move out on Saturday, handing in his resignation at the end.


    • Anonymous says:

      According the an article in the TImes, he probably did not live in the district back at the time he was elected. He didn’t move Saturday; he got caught in his lie on Saturday.

      EPISD spends good money on PR people. They will never admit to wrong doing. The talk of transparency is a trick to get us to think they have changed their culture. I would be willing to bet Cabrera knew full well where he lived, as did Hatch himself and probably all his neighbors. Cabrera and Hatch worked hand in hand. But he was a good soldier for Cabrera and back during the election this news would have been devastating – so they covered it up until Ross blew the news.

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    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know if Hatch even has children, but most people know exactly which high school their home feeds into. If the average person knows, surely the school board president knew!! We ought to hear some good and maybe funny lies coming out this week to spin the story. Let’s see!

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      • Anonymous says:

        Your CAD notices and property tax bill tell you what school district you live in because they all list taxing entities. He would have known.


        • Anonymous says:

          I suppose everyone has don their homework on this. Btu for what it’s worth a simple internet search shows 6576 Isla del Rey as Hatch’s property. This is the property he used for his homestead. If you plug that address into the EPISD school finder it comes up as Franklin High School. The Times says that the location is near Franklin but in the Coronado zone. Who is correct? Is the software on the EPISD website rigged to show Hatch in the Franklin Zone? Why is everyone saying he is in the Coronado area? How can we know for sure?


        • John Hogan says:

          He still lives within the same taxing entity. That is not the question. It is a matter of what section of EPISD that he represents based on the election.


          • Anonymous says:

            Hatch lives in the Franklin HS attendance zone, but as far as School Board representation, his house is in the district that is represented by Loweree (#7).

            I’m sure he knew full well the boundaries of the district that he campaigned to represent and was fully aware that he didn’t live within them. I’m sure Cabrera knew as well. It is sad that they get away with this kind of stuff. If I had run against him back in the election I would be screaming fraud right now! Where is the media on this? Are they going to give EPISD a pass on this latest scandal? Now they have to find two new white people to represent the westside.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Guess he realized how much he was going to have to pay in property tax. Nothing like leading a tax and spend effort and then moving out of the district as the taxes that drives increase for homeowners there.


    • John Hogan says:

      He is still in the boundaries of the school district. He was just living outside the boundaries of the area that he represents according to the election. So the taxes are exactly the same.


  3. snicker says:

    So, let me get this straight. This guy was president of the board, and didn’t even know the district lines from the day he ran for office until the day he resigned? He and EPISD expect us to believe that?

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  4. Huh?! says:

    One anonymous posted said this today:

    “Where is the media on this? Are they going to give EPISD a pass on this latest scandal? Now they have to find two new white people to represent the westside.”

    HELLO!! This story has been heavily reported by the media in recent days. The Times broke the story! So don’t start accusing the media of incompetency.


  5. Dan Wever says:

    The EPISD is in control of every aspect of school board elections including even which precincts are used and open for voting. They are in complete control of checking the legal status of people running for office. The buck stops on Superintendent Cabrera’s desk.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, they knew. EPISD has been living with this con job for almost 4 years. Cabrera should resign.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Just to add to the above. The mobile election stations can be put wherever the EPISD wants them. A school where they can round up all the 18 year olds to vote and the employees don’t have to leave the school.
      In case you are wondering how the bond issue passed.
      Also, many of the precincts were at schools and have you ever tried to find a parking place at a school during the day?
      In short, elections are easy to cook in school district voting elections.


  6. Mike says:

    Hatch knew and purposely lied. How do I know? My wife and I served on the Franklin Booster Club with him and his brother beginning in 2012. When I started working with them and the Boosters, he lived next door to his brother on Isla Del Rey. In fact, they tore down a section of the back wall so they can come and go into each other’s homes and pool, etc. it’s likely still that way. He lived on Isla Del Rey when he filed for election, he knew it and so did his brother.
    This was fraud with malicious intent. He should be charged criminally and held accountable for all his actions.


  7. M. Adams says:

    I have never seen a more dishonest and crooked school district, from Veronica Castillo, to Cabrera and his KVIA, biased news reporting brother, to Hatch! I moved to this town 24 years ago and this town operates solely on nepotism and compadre. Chicago mafia style governing at tax payer expense! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know right from wrong! If you’re Homestead address does not lie within the boundary, and you’re not physically occupying the property, you do not run for office EVEN IF Cabrera encouraged you to! NOR should you try and change Homestead laws to suit your crimes and use as a defense to further damage fellow El Pasoans. His domicile was common knowledge among friends as well as his intent. He needs to pay fines and penalties and get out of Dodge!


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