EPISD at it again

In EPISD reinventing the wheel we mentioned an agenda item that would have allowed the district to spend more than a half million dollars to have a company write a software program that would be an “all-in-one enrollment solution”.  The money was to be for the first year of the effort.

Evidently Mr. Dan Wever noticed the item and contacted some board members who pulled the item off of the agenda.

The Times wrote EPISD audit finds ‘indicators of vendor favoritism’ related to bond contract in January of 2018.

Now we see an agenda item for a project that was not bid but that someone wanted to give to a vendor whose name was not even published.

We deserve better


13 Responses to EPISD at it again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who put that item on the agenda? Start there.

    At what point does this become a criminal issue?

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  2. james walter peterson says:

    Jane Shang did the same sort of dealing with City taxes. Shang paid an advertising firm close to $50,000. to convince council that the public was instilled with fear when they viewed the Sun Metro logo. Maybe that’s what EPISD is trying to do, keep it just under a specific amount or have a specific task which is felt can go below the radar of taxpayers and council or commissioners. Find out who signed off on any payments or approvals. Could be they are an old City employee themselves.

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    • Anonima says:

      Not sure what you mean by “instilled with fear” – I’m fearful of Sun Metro but that is because I fear their incompetence, under Council leadership in that area, will result in ever greater taxpayer subsidies…anyone notice that Brio bus stops are being installed on Montana now, despite the losing Brio record on Mesa??? And we don’t even need to mention the management of the Trolley Folly…

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      • Anonymous says:

        KVIA is running a story on Wednesday on how trolley ridership is down and all the bling (sheltered stops) etc. the city is now going to spend attracting riders to the trolley. Apparently trolley management now says we have to work to attract riders. When it was being built, we were told there was overwhelming demand and folks would come from all over the US to ride it. Another pack of lies from our tax and spend City Council and Mayor.

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        • JerryK says:

          Cortney Niland also told us the trolley will have a 10:1 return, whatever that means.

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          • Fed Up says:

            And Niland left town before the trolley started running and before the bills started coming due. Just like Joyce Wilson changed parachuted into another taxpayer-funded job after shoving the ballpark through on behalf of people who helped her get that new job. Yet the trolley conductor got himself re-elected.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    What is really happening is an RFP is being written so tightly that only one firm meets the criteria. We’ll probably never know if this was Cabrera’s incompetence in not knowing how to write this RFP and accepting examples from a potential bidder (who was basically capitalizing on his ignorance) or if Cabrera colluded with this vendor to specifically write an RFP that only they could satisfy.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nothing ever changes between the corrupt politicians and EPISD, Public Officials. Apparently little changed between the Lorenzo Garcia empire and the Cabrera empire. All that WE get from people who are SUPPOSED to represent US, is lies, deception and their hands out for more money, more money and don’t ask WHY or what THEY do with it. Local “Authorities” here don’t see nuthin, don’t hear nuthin, don’t know nuthin. So the only time Laws are “Enforced” is when the FBI perp walks a few dozen politicians, Public Officials into the Federal Court house..


  5. Anonymous says:

    At least the EPISD board voted tonight to not approve a policy that would have allowed charters or companies into the district to run schools. Thank you Mrs. Dye and Mrs. Loweree for keeping your word when you said no charters in EPISD.


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