EPISD–district 6

Some citizens have raised a concern about the residency facts relating to a candidate for EPISD’s district 6 seat.

The candidate, Mr. Freddy Khlayel-Avalos, seems to have a significant history of involvement with several community causes and might prove to be a dedicated board member.

His voter registration shows his home to be at his parent’s house on Canyon Run (district 6).

He owns a house on Centennial (district 6) that he may be renting out.

He shows his mailing address to be on Silver Springs in an apartment complex (district 7).

We invite him to clarify the situation for us.  We don’t want someone who appears to be a good candidate to lose votes because of misunderstandings about his residence.

We deserve better


23 Responses to EPISD–district 6

  1. Anonymous says:

    At what address does he wake up in the mornings? When we start talking about using parent’s addresses and owning a rental home it sounds like smoke and mirrors intended hide a lie. Nobody would want to start their political career based on a lie! He just needs to tell us honestly where he actually lives.


    • Dan Wever says:

      After the Trent Hatch fiasco, we certainly should make sure our candidate (I live in district 6) is a valid candidate and not someone who was put up for election knowing he would be found out and if elected Cabrera would be able to select a replacement. Of course, he would need the boards’ help but that would not be a problem.
      He voted in November of 2918 using his parents home so he could not have lived at the address he used to run for election. His application needs to be looked at very closely.
      Before the election.


  2. Here we go again says:

    We still are unsure of who is responsible for verifying that candidates live in the district. Someone is not doing their job. The person who keeps catching these discrepancies needs to be hired.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Civic involvement or not, this guy’s a real piece of work.


    • Anonymous says:

      “A real piece of work” based on what? You’re inferring something bad without evidence to support your attack. Maybe you support his opponent. Or maybe you just don’t like his name.


  4. Anonymous says:

    By your own admission he lives in District 6 – both addresses. But since Xavier Miranda wrote this, it really is not a surprise. The irony is that Xavier is supporting Berglund over a qualified Latino candidate because Berglund will do what Miranda wants him to do. El Paso deserves better.


    • Dan Wever says:

      By law, you have to have lived at your Permanent Residence for 6 months and stay living in the district after elected.
      I did not see anything in Xavier post that mentioned anything about this. As for the Latino candidate, I notice he was not listed as a Hispanic in the Voter registration but embraces his ethnicity with both arms when he thinks it will help his election. That is politics and anyone would probably do it.


  5. Jud Burgess says:

    Fareed “Freddy” Khlayel is just pulling a page out of Beto’s playbook and hoping that his recent addition of -Avalos to his non-Latino name will garner support from the Latino community. Nothing wrong with that. A political move. I myself could go by Jud Burgess-Negrete but what for? I’ve always been Jud Burgess.


  6. Rico Suave says:

    I went to EPISD (graduate) and I know where I live.


  7. chico for the chicos en el chuco says:


    Good to see that Lion Star is reading.


    • Dan wever says:

      I have always wondered myself who Brutus was but now I can thank The Lion Star for unmasking him. It’s Xavier Miranda! Wow who would have thought. 🙂 🙂
      Jaime just put a hole in his accountability or knowledge.
      By the way, if I remember correctly Xavier’s name was attached to everything he wrote it was not hidden.
      As for there being no problem with Mr. Khlayel legal address, he should look again.


  8. Will the real Xavier Miranda please stand up says:

    Now it makes sense why every post on here is against EPISD. Puts reading this blog in a whole new perspective.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Notice how people that are too cowardly to use their name have no problem using other peoples to denigrate them. Politics when unethical people are in their glory. 😦


      • Anonymous says:

        Do you mean Brutus?


      • Fake Dan says:

        In looking at all the post I believe the observation from Dan’s comment would be everybody except for Jud Burges and Dan. Oh and that includes the commentator who sets the example that it is perfectly acceptable to use aliases


  9. Xavier Miranda says:

    I am deliberate to avoid posting or writing on personal matters; relegating most of my topics on community issues. So please indulge this personal rant.

    I have little tolerance for individuals that do NOT do fulfill their jobs. Whether it is an ingratiating elected official that is remiss in their responsibility to our community, or the head of an organization that slanders and expels members for daring to question motives and processes.

    What is infuriating is a liar who seeks financial and social gain while exploiting the children of our community.

    Granted, I lack tact and courtesy when addressing such people, calling out their BS. This in turn is used as a personal attack against me, which is a proven tactic to distract from the issues at hand.

    Individuals with aspirations of political influence should be receptive to public criticism, rather than collude to preserve their handlers’ agenda.

    I believe my words and actions in various realms have been evident, if not fully public. I always identify myself and stand by the statements I make. I trust that I too, am receptive to criticism and will conduct myself accordingly.

    Xavier Miranda


  10. Dan Wever says:

    After watching the streaming of the Democratic forum for EPISD candidates District #6 I saw that Freddie Khlayel-Avalos introduced his wife Michelle who was sitting in the audience. I know the address of his wife if the White Pagers are correct and it is the same address he gave as a mailing address on his application for a place on the ballot and it is in District #7. The voters in District 6 were screwed for 4 years with Trent Hatch. I hope we are not fooled again. 5801 SilverSprings is in District #7.


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