A student who seems to care

Johnathan Michael Muniz Becerra, aTerry Scholar at UTEP sent us an email that contained this:

Furthermore, I’m currently conducting a quality of life study for the city of El Paso to see what worthwhile investments are needed to really improve the quality of life within the city. I’m investigating various industries within the city from healthcare to education.
In my honest opinion, I believe El Paso suffers from the following:
    • Brain drain
    • Low wages
    • Questionable municipal management
    • Poor investments that do little to enhance the quality of life and continuously bring low-skill, low-wage jobs (e.g. the subsidized ball park, enormous incentives to bring the Great Wolf Lodge)
From the observations I’ve been able to make, it seems El Paso leaders and investors take advantage of citizen’s ignorance regarding city management and the impact the decisions of El Paso leaders will have on them.

Link to survey



A request from Brutus

Please keep your comments respectful.  We could help him by pointing out other deficiencies.

We deserve better


11 Responses to A student who seems to care

  1. Practectly Perfect in Every Güey says:

    Interesting how the moderator of this blog has to remind the readers, I would assume mostly adults, to be respectful. What does that say about the readers of this blog when the person creating it has to remind them, like little children, to watch their manners?

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    • epkamikazi says:

      Apparently for posters like you?

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    • Anonymous says:

      what does it say about the readers? you probably mean posters, and it seems that you are the one making inferences. in communication with others it is often best to just say what you mean rather than posting “questions” that aren’t really questions. my guess is that you only want people to post things that you agree with. how tolerant


  2. epkamikazi says:

    I reposted this, with the survey link, to my Facebook page. After I completed it, of course!


  3. John Dungan says:

    I think we already pretty much knew what this student has surmised. At least, the readers of this, and some other local blogs have certainly pointed out these very same problems, haven’t we?


  4. Anonymous says:

    overspending. city council and county judges are literally investing heavily into things that have been proven to not help struggling communities.

    and now they are inviting poverty from third-world countries by offering sanctuary and free health care. i live here and pay taxes and don’t get either one. in fact, the tax-subsidized county healthcare system is the most expensive medical option in this area.


    • John Dungan says:

      What “free healthcare” are you referring to? As for sanctuary, how does that come out of your tax dollars? Don’t you understand that the help that is being extended to these people is voluntary and dependent on donations of time and money? After all, isn’t that the Christian thing to do? What tax-subsidized county healthcare system are you talking about? UMC? Oh, please.


      • Get Your Facts Straight says:

        Both the city and county are contributing money and resources to assist with migrant support. City council approved another $20,000 last month. It is also making Sun Metro buses available to help with transportation. UMC has been helping with medical screenings. It is also a matter of public record that Children’s Hospital has treated migrant children. You might not feel the support from local governmental entities is enough, but the taxpayers are helping whether they like it or not.


  5. Truth Matters says:

    Respectfully, allowing this young man to use a self-selection research methodology doesn’t say much for what he is learning at UTEP. When individuals select themselves into a sample group, it results in a biased sample with nonprobability sampling. You cannot trust the results to be truly representative of a defined universe, but persons doing the research love it when it reinforces their original premise.

    Using this technique and an online tool like Survey Monkey also allows for the equivalent of stuffing the ballot box. While planning for the Quality of Life Bond, the City used a self-selection methodology to skew its research about what people wanted. Sending an invitation to a blog like this where the researcher knows people support his own “opinion” just proves that he wants to skew the research.

    Doing this research in a scientifically accurate way takes more thought, time, and objectivity. I encourage Jonathan to show leadership and teach his professors and the City a lesson about research by doing it the right way.


  6. Old Fart says:

    BRUTUS: thanks for this helpful website allowing citizens to submit their unvarnished thoughts.


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