EPISD–Citizens Bond Advisory Committee not representing the taxpayers.

There is a Citizens Bond Advisory Committee that is supposed to be watching the bond projects at EPISD for the taxpayers.

Attendance at the meetings is poor.  These people are not doing their job.

From the June 17, 2019 meeting minutes:

You can see that almost half of the members did not attend.


District personnel pointed out to the board that some members have missed the last three meetings in a row.

In this meeting the minutes show multiple agenda items that could not be voted on because the committee did not have a quorum.

The minutes point out that the situation is so bad that the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will not even take action to designate a board member to represent their organization.

This board is telling school district staff to go ahead without their oversight.

We deserve better


6 Responses to EPISD–Citizens Bond Advisory Committee not representing the taxpayers.

  1. Anonymous says:

    So WHO selected, appointed these people? Cabrera, his minions, the School Board? “Pick people we know will never show up. Then WE can just say, well the “Advisory” Board never showed up, so WE just do whatever WE want”. That’s what WE get in El Taxo. The PEOPLE not REPRESENTED by anybody. Tax, waste, spend, increase taxes. NO representation for the PEOPLE. Millions, BILLIONS$$$$ just flushed down the toilet and nobody knows where it all went, nobody accountable to TAXPAYERS. “Well Mr Cabrera WANTED a new Mercedes and then there is the all EXPENSES PAID “Conferences” to Las Vegas, Bahamas, Cancun………….First Class air travel, of course.


  2. Anonymous says:

    And continuing to have a meeting where no votes can be taken due to lack of a quorum ensures even more folks will miss the next meeting. Most large groups have some type of provision that allows for action if a quorum is absent from more than one meeting.


  3. Failing Grade says:

    Read the Attendance Update section. The grammar is atrocious and there is one obvious spelling error.


  4. Dan Wever says:

    Why would anyone think the public know anything about the Bond issue, they are the people that voted for it! 🙂


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