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11 Responses to Open forum Saturday

  1. Why dont you correct it says:

    If the people on this board were really so upset about high taxes, then every single one of them would be running for some elected office. The fact that none of them are makes their protestations seem hollow.

    It is easy to bitch and moan. It is much harder to really do something about it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I see the solution clearly . If the city is over 80% people of Mexican decent then these people need to vote in order to save their city. My family immigrated from Europe to Mexico and the United States . They were escaping war, persecution, and poverty like most people. Nobody wants to leave their home. Many Mexicans moved to El Paso to escape the drug violence, corruption, extortion, and constant threats that were daily life in Juarez. Maybe because the drug lords were so heavily armed and the corruption so vast it was impossible to fight back. This influx of people and money benefits the city of El Paso which is much more prosperous due to these events. Some might say it saved the city. Everything has a cost. I know the immigrants in my family were involved in politics because they had lost one home and didn’t want to lose another. We don’t want to fight, but at some point we draw the line and we get out and fight for our home. The mayor and the city council are irresponsible and some might say criminal. They have no moral compass. Stand up and make a vote for your autonomy and rights in a place where you will not be shot dead for doing so.

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  3. anonymous says:

    The city council item pursuing another 100 million one week after the bond election is disgusting at a level yet before unseen. Any council member who votes for this item needs to go. It’s a form of public manipulation that is disgusting.

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  4. Fed Up says:

    If you don’t share our concerns, why are you here? If you do share our concerns, why aren’t you running for office? Maybe you work for one of our poorly run, bloodsucking public agencies or maybe you’re a city council rep.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Hey Fed Up, let’s look at that running for office equation. The last non-donor owned candidate I saw run and win here was Leeser. If I remember correctly he ended up dropping over $100k of his own money to keep up with the ads run by guys backed by our local movers and shakers. So, the short answer is most of the folks posting here don’t have the financial wherewithal to outspend the big donors nor to they want to underspend and lose, getting stuck with nothing but campaign debt. While some of the comments here are nothing more than repeated all caps rants, other comments do share news about just what is going on. Blogs like this serve an informational purpose, particularly now that there is no media scrutiny on political greed and corruption. The only folks I see with a motive to try to shut people up would be donor-owned candidates (who run at no financial risk to themselves) and want the scrutiny on their tax and spending to end. So, Fed Up, what exactly is your motive for calling out folks who express their frustration here?


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