EPISD shrinking even faster

EPISD enrollment is evaporating.

According to their newest five year budget forecast the average daily attendance at the district is down 1,829 students this school year.

Have you heard anything about cutting back at the central office?

We deserve better


7 Responses to EPISD shrinking even faster

  1. Max Higgs says:

    I suspect the number of admin and support personnel per student is going up.


  2. We pay taxes too says:

    Department budgets are reduced every year. It hasn’t hit personnel reduction level’s yet though. Central office support is needed no matter the numbers of students. Personnel cuts will come at some point.


  3. Dan Wever says:

    I am glad the EPISD has spent Millions of dollars on advertising in o in order to lure students away from Ysleta, Socorro, and Canutillo. Just think how terrible it would have been without spending all this money.
    The last thing the EPISD thinks of is the students. I wonder if that could be the reason for so many students leaving the EPISD.!


  4. Benevelous says:

    The “re-branding” of EPISD was exactly the insane waste of public funds that many of us (me included) predicted it would be. And, we were castigated for not “being enlightened” about the 21st century model of operations in “modern education”, by a certain EPISD administrator for daring to voice opposition to this idiotic expenditure!

    Of course, the public is so apathetic that even when directly reminded about the 0.64 BILLION dollars they voted to give EPISD to play with has been so thoroughly wasted, they just shrug and move on. And, vote for the next bond! This is, of course, precisely what the architects of that whole venture were depending on.The corrupt win again. And, at EPISD, they have hit the jackpot!

    It’s almost like we are living in some banana republic where such open and blatant corruption of the public trust is just a regular part of daily life.


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