EPISD superintendent’s employment contract

It looks like EPISD is having a special board meeting Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 8:30 AM to discuss revisions to the superintendent’s employment contract.

We deserve better


6 Responses to EPISD superintendent’s employment contract

  1. Going slow says:

    Sorry, Brutus, but this is not the story of the day. It’s the blizzard, on the air and on line, of histrionics about road conditions, school delays/closures, accidents, etc. Observation: there are more snowflakes on line than on the ground. As for accidents, this is El Paso, we’re going to have them anyway.


  2. Anonymous says:

    IF they have ANY consideration for the TAXPAYERS of El Taxo, they will CUT that outrageous give away salary to not more than $100,000 per year. EPISD is a leech on El Taxo, the biggest money toilet in the city. For what little benefit the PEOPLE, students get from EPISD, too much waste, tax, spend, tax some more.


  3. Disgusted says:

    Meanwhile over at YISD, the superintendent who was recently involved in a fight with another superintendent has been awarded a $30,000 “longevity bonus.” They’re floating him $5,000 for each year that he has been with YISD. The greed and easy money at the highest levels of the public school systems is disgusting.


    • Anonymous says:

      “I’m excited for the future in this school district,” De La Torre said.

      It’s easy to get excited when you’re raking in big money and you know that you’ll be getting a lot more in the future.


    • Anonymous says:

      Would think that Del A Torre would have been fired for being involved in a Bar fight. Apparently YISD was so hard up for his “Talents”, they were willing to accept this conduct. Maybe like Juan Cabrera, he was the best they could get for such an outrageous, over paid salary give away. Yes the key word for El Taxo Public Officials is GREED. THEY bleed the WORKING PEOPLE , taxpayers for every single penny they can take. These people who are SUPPOSED to work for, REPRESENT the PEOPLE. But then nothing ever gets better for the PEOPLE of El Taxo.


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