EPISD–cancelled board meeting

Yesterday’s EPISD special board meeting that was going to be held to review and potentially modify the superintendent’s contract was cancelled.

Does anyone know why?

We deserve better


8 Responses to EPISD–cancelled board meeting

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know when and where they will meet again?


  2. Anonymous says:

    They probably just needed more time to figure out how much MORE money they are going to give Juan Cabrera. I mean it’s easy to see how hard it must be to struggle by on the HALF-MILLION$$$$ they bleed the people, TAXPAYERS of El Taxo, for now. Well ANOTHER tax INCREASE should help them out. Just give Margo, City Council a call.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they need more time to negotiate behind closed doors before they come out in public? As a matter of fact, J.C. himself probably postponed the meeting so he could hear of De La Torre’s compensation package in YISD before he agreed to anything in EPISD. J.C. certainly feels entitled to more than his neighbor in a smaller district and he probably wanted YISD to put their cards on the table first.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Heads up, the city is capped on the new taxes they can make us pay so they hired a new assessor to hit us by raising the assessments. Hard to stop these crooks❗️


  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m relatively certain that Cabrera is probably demanding more money than some trustees think he is worth. I bet he will get it too. I agree that De La Torre is his main rival and Cabrerra simply will not be out-done by a smaller district. Odds are that one of the newer trustees is fighting the good fight – the old ones could have done it long ago but haven’t.

    Our trustees should think twice about recruiting a lawyer to be a super. If I was on the board, I would want a lawyer that is accountable to the board and not to the administration. Personally, I don’t think the current trustees have the balls to let him walk if he is really unsatisfied with the compensation package they offer. I wonder if he has already threatened to walk and that is what put the trustees into a tizzy at the last meeting? He knows they have no cajones and that is why I say he will probably get his way. I just wish they would let him walk back to Austin with his millions before he completely destroys EPISD.


    • anon says:



    • Dan Wever says:

      He still has the very lucrative 4 years’ worth of contracts. If the district buys him out and pays anything over 1 year worth of salary the EPISD will have to match whatever they pay him more than the one year in next year’s State money. Could possibly be a couple of million dollars. That is the trouble with giving a new year added to his contract because sooner or later he will just tell the trustee to go to hell and do what he wants hoping they will fire him.


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