An end to transparency

The city is planning to have a city charter election this November.

Some of the things that they are thinking of changing don’t sound like good ideas to me.

Take this one for example:

They evidently want to exempt their advisory boards from the open meetings requirements.


Their slide explains it.  “Increased productivity and freedom of discussion among advisory boards”.

In other words the board members can get together and plot and scheme away from public view.

These people are out of control.

We deserve better



3 Responses to An end to transparency

  1. Russian Bot says:

    They have always every only leaned toward less information to the taxpayer. When they go bankrupt, we will be the last people to know.


  2. archaic578 says:

    They can go into executive session to discuss anything they want right now – and they do. Also the staff already keeps the full details and information away from the Boards because they don’t want the oversight and contrary opinions coming into the light of day. This is the most horrible hijacking of government away from “the people” that I have ever seen. How to stop it???


  3. JerryK says:

    Transparency is the enemy of oligarchy.


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