EPISD bonds–no cosmic view

There has been a good deal of talk locally and nationally about the need to emphasize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in our local schools.

The new EPISD administration has suggested that the effort be expanded to include arts, making the acronym STEAM.

The changes being considered by the district’s facilities advisory committee don’t do much for STEM.  They do include a possible $30 million for various fine arts, theater, and music production studios.

Noticeably absent is any potential bond money for the sciences.

Particularly troubling is the lack of any mention of replacing the district’s planetarium.  The current one is housed in the district’s current central office complex and will be lost if the district is forced to move out by the landlord, our city government.

They don’t seem to be putting our money where their mouth is.

We deserve better


9 Responses to EPISD bonds–no cosmic view

  1. Benevelous says:

    Horrible idea anyway…


  2. Anglocentric says:

    The whole reason for the emphasis on STEM disciplines is that kids are shying away from math and the sciences in favor of easier liberal arts studies. Tech industries have engineering shortages because of it. What EPSID is trying to do is redirect STEM funding to the arts. The fact that these educators can’t understand why STEM is good is another reason to vote no on the bond issue. Kids are not well served by this district and throwing more money at it will only ensure the pet projects of the powers that be move forward.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    One thing EPISD will not cut corners on is spending for sports.

    This is Texas. We are quick to dismiss the value of the arts, but we’ll never question sports, especially football.

    The board just recently approved $2.8 million for a new football stadium and other sports facilities at Jefferson.

    It’s being financed with leftover funds from the 2007.

    Read that last sentence very carefully and think about it.

    EPISD is trying to boost support for the new bond projects by building tracks at the new schools and making a big deal out of the fact that the tracks will be open to the public.


  4. April52063 says:

    So, how does one find out what their “plans” for the central office and planetarium are? Open records request?


  5. Deputy Dawg says:

    The Gene Roddenberry Planetarium is a jewel in El Paso. If EPISD does not update it as part of this bond, or come up with a strong replacement plan for it I will vote against the bond and actively campaign to defeat it.The Planetarium is that important. The district has said that it will move the Planetarium to wherever the new central offices are located, but that plan changes on a weekly basis. One time it is in the northeast, another downtown (no room for the planetarium in the old UTEP nursing bldg). Ms. Fennenbock reads this blog, perhaps she can address the plans.


    • ManintheMoon says:

      Deputy Dawg
      Gene Roddenberry Planetarium is one of the top such Planetariums in America. Sad when local government was asked to help bring a Shuttle to El Paso for the Planetarium all it got was crickets. Know there was the idea to bring some other hard ware to El Paso for the Planetarium but seems that never got support either.
      Tell us how arts will lead to a career in sciences and technology EPISD leadership? Can’t remember a show tune getting people to follow a career in mathematics. Since there is no clear support in way of funding for STEM then clearly there is a disconnect with the EPISD leadership to critical thinking on this matter. Then again nothing knew just the same ole same ole.
      We hope the public raises hell with EPISD if they do not keep the Planetarium and funded.
      If none of you have never got to see a program with the new computerized star projection system then you have really missed a treat and would be thrill with it. Yep first show we saw was a real jaw dropper.


      • Jerry K says:

        Maybe they could put the planetarium in the other major STEM facility -Insights Science Museum?

        Oops, my bad. Got demolished for a minor league stadium.


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