EPISD–bond bomb

According to the El Paso Times the consulting firm that EPISD awarded their bond management consulting contract to has “walked away” from the bond project.

The Times article said the consulting firm “reviewed data on enrollment, facilities’ needs, capacity, programs and more.  They then presented recommendations for school repairs, construction and closures to the EPISD Bond Advisory Committee over a few meetings.”

Hard to believe

Now we learn that “EPISD refused to enter into a contract for the services”.

Where does that leave us?  The facilities advisory committee has evidently been working with numbers that no one can be held responsible for.

Is a new study coming?  The committee has already made recommendations that were evidently based on unpaid work done by the consulting company.  Do they start over now?


What happened here?  Is the district’s new finance chief responsible for derailing this contract?  Does she have a favorite in mind like she seemed to when she was over at the city?

Or are we seeing the able hand of our new board president at work?  Could it be that things are rotten in Denmark and that the plug needed to be pulled?

Do over

Is it time to re-start the bond process from the beginning?

We deserve better


11 Responses to EPISD–bond bomb

  1. Judy Maddox says:

    Start over ! Not only no but NO NON NO. Drop the whole thing these people are incapable of fiscal responsibility

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  2. Reality Checker says:

    Maybe EPISD refused to enter into an agreement because the consulting firm wouldn’t rubber-stamp what the district wanted. Maybe the entire process was a sham. The consulting firm might have discovered too late that it was being used.

    The timing of the hiring of the new CFO right before this bond push might be a coincidence, but that’s unlikely. Watch for one of the firms involved in the 2012 Quality of Life bonds to be brought in.


  3. Anon says:

    If this is how they manage the planning process, why should we trust them with almost $600 million? This is yet another setback. The original committee meeting schedule was completely stalled and altered to allow this firm time to conjure up its numbers and now this. If the firm itself couldn’t or wouldn’t answer questions about some of the assumptions behind its data who will now?


  4. Jerry K says:

    The trust is so broken between the voters and EPISD that we’ll never be sure what is real and what is not. Appointing Carmen A-C as financial officer only deepens the distrust because it tells us that they need the right players on the team for their plans, that likely deal with the turnover of public assets to the Usual Suspects. Of course, it will be disguised as closures and property disposal but we all know who will write the business plan.

    Start over with a small bond issue and show us that you can be trusted to execute on it. Then come back for more.


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