This came in from a reader the other day:

One would think that the Times would add something to the story … not just rehash it. This isn’t “award-winning” work, How about doing some real investigation and find out what did or did not happen at Austin? Appears that Moore is working on commission for the federal prosecutor.

2 Responses to Re-runs

  1. tBusch says:

    Just pathetic. Bob has turned into everything he professed to hate 20 years ago. And then some.


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    They have been rehashing the same story for about 4 of the 5 years that this has been going on. Ever notice that when something minor does happen, they lead with the PARAGRAPH about something new, and then spend about 15 paragraphs reminding us all about Lorenzo Garcia.

    Sort of like KVIA reminding us about “STORM 2006.”

    No one really cares.


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