Blaming the new guy

Now that we have a new chief executive officer at our county hospital, the details about the hospital’s past financial difficulties are beginning to come out.

Their preliminary budget for 2017 shows a whopper of a loss:


The numbers do not include the children’s hospital because they say that those numbers are not available yet.

In 2016 the hospital budgeted for an $8.3 million loss.  This year they are shooting for $15.8 million in losses.

The 2017 numbers include an increase in property tax income from $87 million to $93 million.

The new chief executive will have to figure out how much of this year’s projected loss is actually carry over from prior years that someone chose not to recognize.

And now we have to wait for the numbers from the children’s hospital.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Blaming the new guy

  1. […] how much the City is going to raise our property taxes, how UMC is going to cover their projected $15.8 million in losses, and what the County is going to include in their […]


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing ever changes at UMC, except the names of the people ripping off the taxpayers of El Taxo. They don’t have to cut budgets, conserve or control the waste of OUR money. They just come back and take MORE. It’s long past time for this money pit, “albatross” and the extravagant, over paid, over paid “bonuses”, “Administrators” to be taken off the backs of taxpayers. Should be put on the “block” and sold to the highest bidder, PRIVATE business. El Taxo is over-built with hospitals, no reason except greed to have UMC.


    • ManintheMoon says:

      It’s your elected progressive Democrats and their minions they think your money is their money and how darn you say otherwise. Some of you are getting it’s your going to pay for the fiasco at Children’s Hospital/UMC one way or another.
      Vero and company at the CCC set the tax payers up and once again made sure you have not right in asking questions of the CH to how they are spending our tax dollars and want questioning of the UMC board to be very limited. Let tell the truth we got screwed by Vero and company and they were not even decent enough to give us a kiss in doing so. Then again most in El Paso have stood,with their pants down, with their tacit silence of approval so what do you expect.


  3. anonymous says:

    And they continue to build and expand and spend like crazy.

    I wonder how they plan to get 6.9% more in property tax revenue?

    Just remember. The board, past and present, and the county commissioners have said all along that Valenti was doing a swell job. These numbers earned him six-figure bonuses every year, plus reportedly a multimillion dollar exit package.


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