EPISD bonds–trust vs. belief

EPISD seems to be involved in a publicity campaign that tries to tie the bond issue to their past problems that have led to a lack of public trust.

It is probably fair to conclude that most voters do not see the current board of trustees in the same negative light that we saw past boards.  The new board seems to be working hard to provide better educations to our children.  Thankfully they appear to be doing it honestly.  Contacts within the district tell us that there is a much stronger sense of “obeying the rules” in the rank and file of the organization.

The anticipated bond issue will not hinge on a matter of trust in the integrity of the current board.


The bond issue’s approval or failure will hinge on whether the voters believe that the district and it’s staff can handle such a massive construction budget effectively.

Unfortunately we have seen countless bond fiascos lately at the city, county, and hospital district.  Even the most optimistic of us are learning that large, long-term bond issues are not handled well by our local governments.

At the school district we see that they are still trying to manage the funds that we gave them in a bond issue in 2007.

If it takes 10 years to spend any bond money that we might give them this fall,  we will have an entirely new board–a board that is not committed to spending the money the way we voted by the time they get around to spending this new money.


Many voters feel that the district needs some bond money, but not the blank check that ends up getting issued when managing bond projects that span many years.

Once again let’s make the point that if the district were to pick a few projects that were based upon most urgent need and ask for bond money for those projects only, the voters would be more inclined to approve the bonds.

This is not about feeling sorry for the current board or administration.  This is about common sense.

We deserve better




9 Responses to EPISD bonds–trust vs. belief

  1. Tax Anon says:

    This is all smoke and plain BS. They love to say the “Committee chose and approved these projects.” What they fail to tell you is the committee approved what EPISD administration fed them. No questions asked– or allowed– on the projects as fed to the so-called community committee or the how district administration reached those numbers. The padding is unbelievable and computers are just the sugar dust on the huge pie. And they won’t tell you who or how they plan to administer all these hundreds of millions. Don’t forget that fuzzy math lady Mrs. Candelaria Arrieta herself was on the Board of Mismanagers that approved circumventing the will of voters and taking money that voters were told would go to building a high school in the NE and used it to build football stadium. Ask Super Cabrera why his team didn’t use this money to repair deteriorating schools instead of building football stadiums. Why should we trust this Board or this administration when they recycle the same bad actors? Vote NO! With county and city looking at tax increases and the hospital bleeding money, voting yes is signing away your home!


  2. not a dime says:

    Sorry but I am not going to support a single dime.

    EPISD lost all credibility with me the minute they hired fuzzy math lady Arrieta.

    She was wrong on every financial projection at the city and she implemented very bad fiscal policies that are costing the taxpayer millions. Not to mention Wilson and her Bond delay to help Ortega.

    I’m sick and tired of the recycling program of incompetent employees, like Arrieta , WIlson, and Adauto , and politicians like Byrd and the entire Shapleigh camper klan across the various governmental entities.


  3. Rodney Fender says:

    Let’s fix what needs fixing, Close what student load doesn’t validate. Take care of our teachers. Forget all these new schools it just unnecessarily creates new tax burdens and an empire that needs more administrators which we don’t need!


  4. Casual Observer says:

    As indicated by the headline in today’s paper, the board is spinning this process to make it look like they are only approving what the community requests. That’s not dishonest, but it is disingenuous and somewhat manipulative because EPISD is driving the train.


  5. chico says:

    Well put. A smaller bond is more logical and would have greater public support.


  6. Anonymous says:

    This is so true. Keep the request small enough so that the current board and administration can be held accountable.


    • Dan Wever says:

      The smaller bond will come after the larger bond fails and the public is told how they have hurt the children with examples and then they will come back with the lower bond and it will pass because the EPISD will have control over the running of the election which gives them a very large advantage.


      • Tax Anon says:

        Bet that’s the plan. No way it will pass in the general election when there’s also presidential candidates. They’ll sneak in small amounts in special elections (at taxpayers expense) when 1% vote.


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