How much can you afford?

The Wednesday, August 17, 2016 front page of The El Paso Times was a doozy.

All of the articles were about potential tax increases from local governments.

Our city council wants a 5.29% tax increase.  The mayor vetoed their motion.

Our county hospital wants to raise their tax rate the maximum amount they can without triggering an election that would require approval by the voters.  Even with that increase they are projecting a $19 million deficit.  Keep in mind that this is a situation left to us by our former hospital administrator.  The new guy has only been on the job about a month and is the inheritor of this mess.

The El Paso Independent School District is calling for a $668.7 million bond election because of declining student enrollment.  Elrichiboy pointed out in Count Your Blessings how fortunate we are that enrollment has not reached zero.  If the bond issue passes school taxes will go up 15.25%.  At least we get to vote on this one.

We deserve better


3 Responses to How much can you afford?

  1. not a chance EPISD says:

    Elrichiboy forgot to “Count in our blessings” that EPISD is only asking for HALF of what they “need” according to the Cabrera and Fennenbock editorial.

    Considering the absolute financially incompetent decisions that both Byrd and fuzzy math lady Arrieta Candelaria left for the current city council and manger to deal with their is NO WAY I will ever support ANY bond that these 2 are involved with. And especially since Carbrera is allowing that brainless political pimp Shapleigh to lead him around by the nose and influence decisions he is not qualified to influence.


  2. Disgruntled Taxpayer says:

    The unethical and underhanded behavior continues yet EPISD wants us to pass a bond. The chief school officer is renting her home to the recently promoted principal at Alta Vista. There was a pool of qualified candidates, including experienced and highly successful principals who applied for the position. The position was given to the novice renter. Teachers and other employees who see this kind of blatant and unethical behavior will surely see through this and not support this bond. Our teachers and staff deserve better! Thank you for speaking out and keeping El Pasoans well informed!


  3. Haiduc says:

    Brutus, are you surprised???


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