It’s who you know not what you know

El Chuqueno published a piece the other day that included this quote:

As you commence your seventh term in office, I write to respectfully urge the office of the Disrict Attorney of the 34th to investigate recent possible violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act and actively pursue any enforcement measures deemed appropriate, if violations occurred. These alleged violations involving county boards and municipal representatives weaken public trust in our local government entities and I firmly believe that your office’s examination into these important matters can help reassure the public that violations of the Act are taken seriously, and that appropriate measures are actively used to enforce it.

That evidently came from a letter from one of our county commissioners to our district attorney.


“As you commence your seventh term in office”–what is that about?

Was there a message there that we are missing?  Starting the request with “I write …” explains the purpose of the letter.  Why the reference to the district attorney’s tenure?


It seems that the district attorney plans to take some of the issues to a grand jury.  Why now?  Where has our district attorney with six terms of office been during the other corruption situations that have been plaguing us?

We deserve better


8 Responses to It’s who you know not what you know

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Well, as we all know, corruption investigations only happen in this city when the truly corrupt want to remove someone who is a roadblock to their grand plans. Some donor or donors likely wants the arena within 1000 feet of the convention center–we’ll figure out who after it gets built and we see a team magically put in. These guys had the audacity to try to save a poor neighborhood with an historic past. So they will be punished, as will the taxpayers of El Paso.


  2. What about the recent purchase, with a lame attempt to hide the real purchaser, of a property in that area by somebody named Hunt?


  3. anonymous says:

    Consider how fast Escobar & Company took action against Sargent and Grossman. Then consider how slowly investigations of city council and county commissioners move.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Could it be he is looking to the future and is attempting to build a legacy, in case someone asks “What did you do when you were District Attorney?”. (Remember “What did you do in the war, daddy?”) After all, an answer of “Nothing.” is…..


  5. Crooked Dealings in EPISD - Removing Contractor as Competition says:

    El Paso Times just broke a story about EPISD filing a lawsuit against Banes General Contractor for ‘defects’ in Tom Lea Elementary School which was built back in 2009!

    Banes says EPISD never raised the issue before but now all of a sudden the file a surprise lawsuit. Cabrera says it was done to ‘bring them to the table (?!?)!!’

    Fenenbock is quoted as saying the lawsuit, win or lose, will keep Banes from getting future bond construction contracts!!

    Here’s a theory: Banes did NOT donate to El Paso RisIng or Susie Byrd’s little PAC Kids First.

    Banes is a competitor to the other country companies that DID donate.

    So now our El Paso Persons of the Year have punished Banes General Contractor. Because as Cabrera says, the didn’t ‘come to the table’ and pony up a donation.

    This is a Mafia Style Business Hit just as sure as anything! Guess Banes should have donated…


    • Innocent Bystander says:

      Very interesting. I agree with your analysis. Pay-to-play is alive and well in El Paso. Some of the big bond related contracts might well go to one or both of the two big fish (correction, sharks) in town. Knocking Bane out improves the odds for those two companies.


  6. U says:

    Why now? Well their actions were so glaringly obvious not even the DAMAGE can find cover for them. His hand is forced.


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