EPISD–Fortune overlooks our superintendent

Fortune magazine evidently does not recognize the situation with our EPISD superintendent.

The magazine recently recognized UTEP’s president Diana Natalicio as one of the world’s greatest leaders.

Our superintendent has told us that he has “one of the hardest jobs in America”.

Fortune did not include him in their list.

We deserve better


7 Responses to EPISD–Fortune overlooks our superintendent

  1. Benevelous says:

    Our Superintendent is a legend in his OWN mind.

    He has gotten awards from the state and national educational community (Hispanic Super of the year, etc…). He even got to have a photo op with the president where he got to do a serious… “I am hanging on his every word” pose for the peons back home to see.

    But, for what actual ACCOMPLISHMENT… We have no idea. But… He did ALMOST look official and serious sitting way down the table from Mr. Obama!

    There IS a major accomplishment we can point to though… We HAVE to give it up for the guy on this one… And, I am somewhat surprised that he was passed up by cameras this time…

    He has accomplished his (and the school board’s) goal of bamboozling the El Paso public into forking over the better part of a Billion dollars for them to play with! And, he has gotten the greatest salary a superintendent of a public school district might ever hope to have. I wonder if he might have changed his name before coming to El Paso… Could his real name be Barnum?

    But then, he MUST be completely and consistently outperforming every single person in the District since he got a raise literally 10 times what most of the rest of us got.

    So, I might be missing something here. Am I missing something here?


    • Dan Wever says:

      The EPISD Superintendent is doing exactly what he was hired to do, convert a large Texas public school district into a Charter school reform education system. No opportunity like this had ever presented itself before but a public school board being replaced by the Education Commissioner’s edict opened the door for this Reform Education opportunity as the board of Managers were ready for Education Reform and ready to hire a businessman for the top educational job as the PR put out by the Educational Reform people had the public school system failing. These reform people like to use Urban school districts in Washington DC and New York City to tell us that public education in El Paso is also shot an needing change. How was this done? And what is a Charter school district? Well, you get a board of managers that knows nothing or very little about running a school district and then come up with the brilliant idea that a businessman, not an educator could do a better job of accomplishing a new goal and method of educating 60,000 children, 83% of which are Hispanic. People that are Education reform leaders tell the public that their children deserve choice and the public schools just have a “one size fits all” programs and this does not work. So the businessman-lawyer that knows very little about education, hires Bill Gates top man (Vander Ark) when Bill was going to fix all of the High Schools in America ” After a blank check worth over 2 billion dollars was spent with no positive results Bill gave up on fixing the High Schools but the EPISD hired Vander Ark to develop their new Education plan with ACTIVE LEARNING at its center. So now the Superintendent buys programs to put in the schools that will support digital learning and will soon not need as many teachers as before and this will free up more money for Active Learning Vendors. What is really funny about all of this is that becoming a District of Choice and attracting students from other districts is the stated goal of both the board and Superintendent Cabrera the public does not realise that if successful they will be left holding a bigger tax bill because of these extra students. Most of the data available for whether or not this active learning works comes from the PR of the Vendors. In reality, we have no idea if it will work better than old public education or work at all. 35 days vacation a year plus 40 sick days this year and 20 days for the other years of his contract. Total salary plus benefits. $570.000 and he went to the board with 10 different ways they could give him more money. I wish that Dee Margo would have hired a real businessman rather than a businessman-lawyer. But we have an all girls school so I guess we should be celebrating. 😦


      • Anon says:

        That entry was all over the place.


        • Dan Wever says:

          Anon, Yes but to tell the whole story I would have to write a book and I am not going to do that, in fact, think I will quit everything.


      • Tapped Out EPISD Taxpaying Parent says:

        Weren’t you all over the place pushing to throw out the old board and celebrating the TEA takeover? Be careful why you ask for.


        • Dan Wever says:

          Yes I was for getting rid of the old board and I did work to get it done but you never know what you will get with change. At least we worked to get change when it was needed, those that sat around and did nothing have something else to bitch about now. Be careful what you ask for/ Why, isn’t the EPISD now the greatest district since anyone kept tract of such things. To tell you the truth I think I would rather have Garcia back! 🙂 You might understand why in a couple of years.


  2. Benevelous says:

    Thank you, Mr. Wever…


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