Electric bill increases

El Paso Electric has filed a petition with the Texas Public Utility Commission asking for permission to increase it’s rates.

While they propose to raise the average monthly bill by 10% they are asking for permission to raise the rates they charge our public schools and city and county governments 15.5%.

Currently their “general service rate” (smaller commercial customers) is $.06927 in the summer and $.03408 in the winter (per kilo watt hour).

Schools and local governments pay $.10817 in the summer and $.09071 in the winter (per kilo watt hour).

Our local governments are already being charged more than our businesses.

This, of course, is added to our tax bills.

We deserve better



4 Responses to Electric bill increases

  1. The Oracle says:

    They gotta get the money NOW. . . because in the future when MORE alien technology becomes available.(or whatever technology) . . and ONE little device plugged into an outlet provides ALL of the electricity for a home, they will be OUT OF BUSINESS.
    Each Turn of the Century brings new innovations.
    Used to be, just 30 years ago, it cost about a Thousand dollars to get started printing something in Full Color with negatives, metal plates and many chemicals and machines. BUT, now, a $30 printer will print paper in full color.
    Right now, there is a mad rush between scientists to solve the electricity problem.
    And the Electric Companies will TRY and kill the scientists just like the Oil Industry had Secret Agents kill the El Pasoan Tom Ogle for inventing a car that would get 90 miles per gallon, back in 1981.
    Shot and Killed, . . . right on Dyer street.


  2. Worse, they requested this rate increase many weeks ago, and we, the consumers were supposed to have 45 days in which to request intervention or make comments to the PUC, but EPE’s mailing to us was not sent out until just last week! I already wrote about this at the time I wrote to the PUC. Make sure you look at their rationale for the increase. Personally, I found it to be disengenuous, at the least, and downright BS, at most. Check it out: https://alligatorsnroadkill.blogspot.com


  3. Anon says:

    They also want to charge more to customers that have installed solar panels.


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