Political cat fight

We live in interesting times.

Our county judge and our EPISD school board president both seem to want to be our next United States congressman.

The Times has been pretty much hands off in regard to the situation over at EPISD.  That is up until now.

Word on the street is that the county judge’s operatives have decided to sick the Times on the school board president and the superintendent.  Unfortunately the situation at EPISD will give the Times a lot to write about.

Some say that the school superintendent and board president are toast.

The board president comes from the moneyed side of the power equation in El Paso.

Will we see her and her supporters now talking openly about the problems over at the county?  Will they put financial pressure on the Times?

Will the editor of the Times be caught in the middle?

Stay tuned.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Political cat fight

  1. Tim says:

    Are we REALLY going to promote Escobar to Congress? Are there no other candidates out there?


  2. The put their own blood in the water says:

    See, the thing is that the superintendent and the board president and their antics have pretty much screwed themselves by spreading ammunition everywhere. They have gotten so cocky that things aren’t even hidden! So they are easy targets because of their ethical deficit! A few examples:

    May 17, 2013 – superintendent is a panelist for a forum sponsored by one Juan Guerra who happens to be the chief operating officer of JG Consulting which is the headhunting firm currently being peddled by TALAS. EPISD now uses this firm for some but not all upper level positions like Assistant Superintendent for Special Education who was acquired from Dallas ISD (the promised land for all EPISD hires) high is led by Michael Hinojosa, an executive board member of…you guessed it…TALAS.

    As far as naming principals and other positions in EPISD, just ask anyone who has had ‘the mafia talk’ with The superintendent and associates. Here is how it works: You are an assistant principal or someone being groomed for a position. The superintendent, deputy superintendent and chief academic officer call you in an make you an ‘offer you can’t refuse.’ They want YOU for the job! Bear in mind that this isn’t the actual interview but this is where the Super decides who he wants for the position. Then they fool the school community into given input into the decision. But they seed the committee with an Area Superintendent and a friendly principal or other person to steer the committee vote. Then, miraculously, the person ALREADY SELECTED by the Super and his people makes the top three and the super names them! What a sham! And is fraudulent for anybody else who may have applied thinking they had a chance. He actually admitted to this in the Times a couple of months ago!

    May 12, 2017. A look at the super’s webpage finds him tagged in photos where he is obviously wasted out of his gourd partying with teachers, principals and community members from a certain Westside high school that received a whole lot of bond money and priority placement on the construction schedule. Better look before the pics disappear! Oh wait, I think a few people already did some screenshots so even if they disappear….

    July 17, 2017. The day that the Super has to use his vacación days before he is ‘penalized’ by having them paid out as a lump sum totaling about $50,000 . The board president said it was an error in his contract when interviewed by the Times but there has been no revision or amendment!

    May 23, 2017. The day the Super admits that his interview committee for Deputy Superintendent of Academics includes two Deputy Superintendents and the Chief of Staff clearly violating the standards set for hiring. The Super gets what he wants! And what he wants is lackeys that do his bidding.

    And, the board is doing exactly what the previous board did…nothing! One even says he is Switzerland and is not taking sides! Wow!

    So, political war aside, let’s face facts! This guy is worse than Lorenzo Garcia!


    • Dan Wever says:

      Why does the superintendent care what anyone says about him?
      This board has given him 4 plus more years at a base salary of $345,000 plus benefits of about $230,000 and he his looking at a 2-5% ($6,900-$17,250) raise depending upon what the board gives the teachers as he gets their same percent increase. Lesson learned don’t ever hire a lawyer as a superintendent especially when the board president is also a lawyer. Remember the board president and Superintendent make the Agenda for all boards meetings


    • Chico says:

      Don’t forget that he’s not qualified to be a superintendent and doesn’t pretend to care about learning or teaching.

      These clowns actually make the judge look compelling.


      • Dan Wever says:

        Chico, he does have his Superintendent credentials and got them on the EPISD taxpayer’s dime if I am not mistaken. He was given time off and paid for when he was gone from the district trying to get it.


        • Chico says:

          He has his credentials, but one would like to see a superintendent with meaningful experience as a principal or a teacher. I don’t consider his classroom experience meaningful.

          You are right. We did pay for them.

          Of course, as Dori reminded us, both his parents were educators. That’s his biggest qualification. #JOKE


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